Monday, August 5, 2013

Land of Free Speech?

A while back there was an attempt to keep a Miss America contestant to shut up about her Pro-Life views.

I can see avoiding politicizing the pageant. 

But then if it's historically been allowed, why stop now? Times do change however and things are pretty weird right now. I'm kind of on the fence on this one, though. But if I had to make a decision right now about it, I'd say let her speak. 

You know, Miss America? Free, America? American Free Speech? 

Does Trump own this now? Wouldn't he be on her side on this? Curious what the deal is behind the scenes on this thing though. Basically I'm overall of a Pro-Life nature, but that issue has been subverted to mean making abortion illegal. It's proBaby, not proWoman. Which sounds great at first, until you dig into it. And frankly, the woman is here now and kind of has precedence over the rights of her body. It's been that way since, well, before written history.

There is a reason abortion was originally made legal and people forget about that back alley situation. This is really about a woman's body first and foremost, and ignorant old white men (mostly from the South) need to shut the hell up about it. I think it is dangerous to start dictating to people what their rights are inside their body on their side of their skin. like with suicide. It's illegal? Really? Isn't that about the stupid thing ever? IF you have rights over anything in this world, in life, it's when you want to die, you can die. Why are we continuing to fight battles we shouldn't even be involved in?

Here's another one, the drug war needs to stop. Everyone knows it, we just need to do it. 

Sane and informed suicide is a personal choice, like drugs (especially ones that are less harmful than legal drugs like alcohol), and abortion. If the rest of your life is going to be nothing but pain, it should be your option to speed up the end. 

Pregnancy is a very unique, special and personal issue that others shouldn't be allowed to dictate about. We have many other options for people, for Pro-Lifers, to get their way and from what I'm seeing, it's working and trending toward Pro-Life. But it takes time, generations even for these things to happen. Even then, abortion should be legal. I think people who are against abortion really don't think it out. Sure they think about it, but not all aspects of it. They just lecture others that they haven't thought about all aspects of it.

Sorry if these pro-lifer people can't have their way right now (foot stamp). But we need to hang on to what America stands for. We've already lost enough recently. 

Getting back to the original thought, that was a pretty weird case with Miss America. If we can't stay out of women's bodies, if we're going to continually tell women what to do with their own bodies, what is the harm in their speaking their mind in a public forum? I think then it becomes even more important. Transparency is a good thing. Talking, is a good thing. Using your mind and critical thinking, is a good thing. 

Then again, maybe we should go back to a time when women do what they are told, who have to possibly die to get an abortion, who will go to jail for smoking some Cannabis, and who could also go to jail for wanting to commit suicide. 

Look, it's up to you. It's up to all of us. It's up to people speaking out against those who want control over the life and dreams of others. It's up to the voters. But not just voters, it's up to just people.

I think it will happen. Those who want control over more than just their own twisted views will eventually fade away and be replaced by a younger group of people who actually can think clearly, have a sense of freedom and fair play, and will refuse to put up with the insanity that is today, our national Zeitgeist.

I just hope I live to see it.

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