Monday, May 21, 2012

Voting to legalize Gay marriage should be illegal

Of course we should not vote for Gay marriage!

But... why? Because it is a rule of law issue, not morality; a consideration of constitutionality. NOT Public Opinion. Either it is a right that people deserve to get, or it's not. But this country was founded on the principle of pursuit of happiness and the right of the minority being equal to the majority without prosecution of opinion by groups or church, against other church or groups.

Why is it that a country founded upon the principle of not persecuting people because of their religious choices has turned into a country using religion as a reason to persecute people?

So no, we should not vote on or be allowed to vote on, gay marriage. Either they can have it under the law and it should then be granted, or it is illegal under the law and it should not. But Sam and George, or Sally and Jane, should not marry because Joe Bob at First Christian thinks it's wrong. That is what should be illegal, not Gay marriage.

Otherwise, what are we doing here?

What happened to religious freedom anyway? And how come religious polygamy is illegal? I would argue because there has been too many men in a hierarchical religious setting who ruled the roost and pressed women into mental (and let's not forget, sexual) slavery. That's illegal because it's too easy for it to happen. So yes, that should be illegal. Hmmm sounds reminiscent of Islam too doesn't it?

But in a typically male dominated religious setting where God is the leader, it's pretty oppressive to women if they would rather be doing something else. They don't get a choice where the foundation of the principles are male dominated. And it can be insidious. So to protect women, it would seem, polygamy needs to be illegal; as an institutional consideration. But there is also probably tax reasons behind it, too. Would it somehow shelter too many from paying too little in taxes? Or is that negligible and to be no concern? But we have a lot of tax issues that are a big deal when in reality they will only supply a small deal in money.

But this type of thing has nothing to do with the situation of Gay marriage. Considering how badly "straight", religious types have screwed up in institution of marriage, don't you think they really have little or no leg to stand on in keeping marriage to themselves. When you look at people like Newt Gingrich and how badly he has abused marriage, what right does he have to be speaking out? Pompous idiocy, really is all I'm seeing from people wanting their thirty seconds of fame. All I see in this argument about marriage and sanctity are big egos by those in power and those who shout loud enough to be given a platform in the media from which to eschew total nonsense.

So no, we should have no voting for or against Gay marriage. It is NOT a religious matter. Give it up either way on rule of Law. And guess what? There is nothing saying that I can find that is saying no to it. Only, yes.

If you don't like it, move to Iran. Or some other country that enforces the rule of religion. Myself, I'm not a masochist. I like my freedoms, what little I still have left in the land of opportunity and "freedom".

As I said, if this truly is "America the Free", then Gay marriage is either legal or not under the Constitution. Joe Bob down the street at your local church should not have a say in an other's lifestyle if it is not harming anyone else and is simply who that person is, and they aren't breaking any laws. Any constitutionally supported laws that is. 

Remember "Jim Crow"? Remember religious persecution? How is it the reason the pilgrims moved to America, those who had oppressed them in their home country, any different than what Christians are now doing to others outside their realm of magical and superstitious beliefs? I mean, it really points out how bad religions are bad for America. 

Should we ban them? Do they have precedence and allowability just because they've always been allowed, and burdened by the public? My country really annoys me anymore. Too many ignorants have been given the bully pulpit to spew nonsense and separatism. 

America should be a melting pot (yes, yes or a mixed (tossed?) salad, whatever) but we've turned into country of pigeonholes for a vocal minority who don't even want to belong in the same pigeonhole cabinet. As "good Christians" they really should be ashamed of themselves. "Turn the other cheek". What a bunch of nonsense. If you're not going to practice your beliefs then shut up. 

Shouldn't we be more focused to helping those not of our lifestyles to adhere to the values and principles that your religions profess? Those of community, relationship, bonding, family, love and children? There are always going to be those who live differently than you do. Better to find a way to help them become more like the positive qualities in your beliefs, than force them outside into the wilderness to go whatever other direction you still haven't considered, so that in the end, things become far worse than your efforts have already spawned. Spawn love. Don't be a hater. It's actually Human nature to be promiscuous, that's why religion set standards in the first place.

Who would you rather have move in next door to you? A Gay couple who are promiscuous and single? Or a Gay couple who have publicly committed themselves to each other and at least practice to have a committed and monogamous relationship? After all, can they really do any worse than straight couples have for millinea.

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