Friday, May 4, 2012

Death of Heaven on Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday Listing TODAY!

Awesome! Death of Heaven has been selected for Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday Frenzy Listing!

Death of Heaven, my latest Horror novel of Epic Speculative Fiction proportions (hmmm... yes, cross pollinating here), has been selected by the kind folks at Indies Unlimited to be listed on their beloved Freebie Friday Frenzy listing.
One of Marvin Hayes' great graphics of "Blue" in Death of Heaven

So yes, we made it on Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday Frenzy (you see, Death of Heaven is free today (and I figured what the heck, also through the weekend), so get your copy, ASAP!). Or not....

Really, now that I think about it... oh wait, it's now also on Kindle... and if you prefer the hard copy version, it will be out in paper format soon, too!


Best not to try and read this book. I don't know anyone who could handle it without therapy afterward (if not during) and believe me, no one will pay for it, for you, because they will be like, "So you read Death of Heaven? What, are you an idiot? So, you jump off a bridge and what? You expect no pain, or death? You expect US to pay for it? Look, you got what you deserve... stupid."

So my advice? Run away, run away now!

And, don't stop!

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