Sunday, May 27, 2012

Death of Heaven - JZ Murdock Big Horror now available in paper!

Finally! My book "Death of Heaven" is now on Amazon as a trade paperback! I'm very pleased to now have it available in this format.

Please feel free to visit for more on this book as well as more interesting graphics by cover artist, Marvin Hayes! Thanks also to Cal Miller of Zilyon Publishing!

Death of Heaven is the story of two guys, Jimmy and James, who have been best buds since childhood. At one point they suffered a horrific event, destroying James' family. He moves in with Jimmy's family and they go through school together. After High School, they get a job together but then drift off from one another for some years. That, is when their lives get interesting. But not as interesting as it gets once they hook back up together.

Jimmy ends up going into the military and then special ops for the government. James just beats around through life until something extraordinary happens, leaving him a wreck. At that point they get together again by way of James' therapist. He is quite a wreck so Jimmy invites him to move in with him for a while, just until he can get things together again.

They hold up together in Jimmy's home while they piece together just what in the Hell is going on. Jimmy has a big decision to make. Is James insane? For that matter, is Jimmy? Eventually they come to find that Life, their World, in fact, all of History is not what Humankind has always believed it to be. God, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Joseph Smith even, are who the are, or were, for reasons entirely different than what we have been lead to believe. Very possibly the end of the world as we know it, is about to break out across the world.

What these two friends then discover, aside from the true History of the Earth and its situation, is that something massive is about to happen. Something that will either maintain the status quo, or change the entire Universe forever!

Is this the Death of Heaven? Will the Earth survive?

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