Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Sci Fi ebook - Celebrating my new book coming out

My new ebook has hit Smashwords and will be available soon on Amazon once they have approved it.

"Anthology of Evil" is my collection of short Horror and Sci Fi. This is the final design of the front and back covers.

So in celebration for a short time I'm opening up for free, my currently available short story eBook, Simon's Beautiful Thought. If you haven't yet heard, it's about a guy who falls for his sixth generation cell phone digital assistant, after teaking it a bit. One day he takes her out for lunch (you have to read it to understand how that makes any sense), and from then on his life will never be the same.

Getting back to my Anthology, the titles are as follows, along with a few interesting pieces of information:
  • In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear - Social Horror, a man turns himself into a computer chip to rule the world, or at least, the US
  • Gumdrop City - Horror moves into the neighborhood
  • Quantum History - How is it to wake and not feel quite yourself?
  • The Mea Culpa Document - Life for a witch hunter in old England
  • Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer (To A Question He Knever Knew") - Rich kids have it hard even in medieval times
  • Sarah - psychological horror where Alzheimer's meets Geology
  • The Fall - be careful who you allow to fall in love with you, not that you have a choice
  • Japheth, Ishvi and the Light - The apocalypse hits a religious commune
  • Andrew - what's it like to be five and see the most horrible thing in the world?
My next book to come out will be "Death of Heaven" and hopefully will be out within a week or so after the Anthology. By the way, if you do read it and you had read the Anthology, let's just say you will get an extra, added experience out of it all.


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