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Theists: "Well, I have Faith"

The woman in this video, brings up a good point. First of all, Faith or not, I would consider listen to anything she has to say. Second-- well, I'll let her explain: Hot woman in video talking about talking to a Theist who ends a discussion on religion by saying, "Well, I have Faith," as a way to explain away any thought to questioning if they should be having "Faith" in the first place. Okay, you don't really have to watch the video. I just thought it was a very pleasant video to watch. I mean, to listen to.

The point here is, when you are having a discussion with a Theist, someone who believes in God, or religion (typically, their own religion), and especially if you think you are making a very logical argument against Theism and they hit a wall so that their final response is, "Well, I just have Faith", that does not have to end your argument; as they are hoping, wishing, and praying it will end and you will leave them alone and not question them any further, because you just might "shake" their "faith". And I use a little "f" here on faith because if your "Faith" can be shaken, what the Hell good is it?

Here's the thing....

If you believe in something, you had better understand it well enough that you can find solid ground in believing it. "Faith" in something requires that you have at least a fundemental basis in believing it. Saying that "someone told me and so I believe", or "I believe because my parents taught it to me as a child", are actually reasons NOT to have faith in something.

Furthermore, if you are going to have Faith in anything, you had best check it out beyond simply hearing about it and believing it. Otherwise, you are really kind of a fool, don't you think? And I don't really think any "God" wants fools for believers. Maybe the "Meek" but where does it say anywhere that the Meek are also fools? Where does it say anywhere that "God" goes through all this merely to claim a bunch of weakminded people who do not check anything against anything substantive, in order to "believe" that they will reap rewards in the "afterlife", by doing whatever random thing they are told or taught to believe by others who have been randomly told or taught what to believe by still others?

Now, you can say if you like that people who belive in science are doing exactly the same thing, but they are not. In science you can look at actual physical evidence to prove a point and logic follows. In religion, you are following the "physical evidence" of the written word and religious pundits.

Look, I'm a writer. I write "Speculative Fiction". I take a premise and write fiction from that point on. My writings make more sense than the Bible does. Now don't fly off the handle on that, my writer's are more focused and thought out. Even most Theists should see that is true. The writer's of the Bible were guided by no more than I am: a belief in what is being said, making sense. But, much of what the Bible says simply doesn't make any sense. And I don't pass my works off as non-fiction. I'm sure those people in the past who wrote the Bible meant well, but perhaps were just misguided. On the other hand, they were tasked to do it and people died over it in the end, not to mention "book burnings". It could also have been a situation where it simply worked for them then. But sometimes you do something that is good for now, but 1,000 years from "now", it can become quite destructive.

So, the next time you are in a discussion, a debate on religion and suddenly the other person tries to end it by saying, "Well, I just have Faith" as if that is the end all be all, simply ask them to prove that "Faith" by explaining how what they believe in, makes any sense beyond their having that "Faith". And no, you really cannot go simply back to the Bible to prove what you believe.

Here is another video on research that was done. Ask yourself, why it is that Atheists have more knowledge about religion than Theists do about their own beliefs? Actually you need to ask the opposite question. Who in their right mind would have "Faith" in something, when they don't even know what it is that they are really having "Faith" in? It's scary, really. Terrifying, in some cases.

Another interesting video is by Ajahn Brahm about Buddhism and Atheism and gives examples of situations where a belief in a God actually leads people to make choices they should know are not good but they proceed anyway because they believe that they are expected to, by their "God".

People are voting for political reasons in a way to support what they believe, what they have "Faith" in. They are putting it to the real world test. They are bringing their Theists beliefs into the secular world. Secular because it is in a forum that includes others not of their "Faith" or at times, not of any Theist Faith at all. It would be like my believing in some bizarre sexual lifestyle and wanting to vote that way so that you end up having to live some elements of that. I'm not comparing Theism to sexualism or perversion (well? Uh, no, perhaps not....), I'm pointing out how wrong that would be, to try and bring others into whatever that sick fantasy might be. And no, I don't live a sick fantasy. You can have "Faith" on that.

The point is, in my own examination of what Theists believe toward their having their "Faith" has been much in the same with what they talk about in the video of having found out in the public of today. Many people are simply clueless about what their "Faith" actually entails. At times, believing in total nonsense that even educated Theists within their own "Faith" know to be wrong. So what does that say about all this Right Wing Conservative Political talk on what is "Right" and "Wrong" and what "God" wants of them?

We have masses of people trying to change our country and in some cases the world, based on beliefs of an arcane and somewhat insane fantasy.

If you are going to have "Faith" in anything, Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE, at least learn what that Faith is all about. Then, dig even deeper, find out where that information came from. Then keep digging, because you will find what I have found, that it is on a foundation metaphorically based in a "desert of sand during an earthquake". It is a shaky foundation that begins to be lost quickly once put under the bright light of examination.

And that does not make it a "sin" in "God's" eyes. Because to examine your beliefs, your "Faith" better assures you are believing in what your religion desires for you to believe in. Do you realize how many people are out there beliving in total nonsense within their own religion? Quite a lot!

My own Catholic mother years ago was telling me some total nonsense about Catholicism. I asked, where did you learn THAT? She said, "My parents taught me that and I belive them. I have 'Faith'." I couldn't believe it. Then one day a couple of weeks later, we had our Parish Priest over for lunch and this topic came up. He looked at her and I waited to hear who was right, her, or logic and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Trying to hide his being stunned, he said,"Who told you that?" She hesitated. He continued, "Because that is not what our religion teaches, that is not what the Catholic Church tells us. It is completely incorrect." Boom! She had to change her belief. Not that it evoked any fundemental changes in her belief, her Faith.

This was from one of the people in a religion who should know. He was a vibrant, intelligent, educated Priest, not some doddering ancient old fool who is loosing his mind, and there are plenty of them in religion. There are also plenty of fools in religion talking total nonsense. I mean really, there is nothing that complicated about archelology. It's not "Magic". You dig down through layers of dirt and you do essentially go back in time to see what was what. Dinosauers did not live with man or exist a few thousand years ago.

If that is not true and functional then what? "God" is lying to you on purpose? Does THAT make sense to you? The ancient Greeks and Romans used to think their "Gods" were like that, playing Humankind for fools as pawns upon a chessboard of sorts, abusing us for their own amusment. If that is the case, then we are lost and might as well give up now.

So, the next time a Theist tries to end an argument with "Well, I just have Faith," don't let them get away with that cheap shot. Ask them, "what exactly is it that you have faith in?" Give them a chance to convert you. It won't happen. Trust me.

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