Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Head Medical Aurhority in British Columbia speaks out on marijuana war

Really, we need to stop being afraid of the unknown, as they were at the alcohol prohibition time, and make this work. She has some very good points in this statement. Fact has got to outweigh belief. Arianna Huffington said this week that she believes in God because she just knows it. Okay, fine but admit it, that does not work in government millions of people. Decisions have got to be made on fact and the facts here are that warring on one's own citizens, even in metaphor, is untenable and unsustainable. Grow up, stop it.

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From the article:

Dr. Evan Wood, founder of Stop the Violence BC, said experts are advocating not for easier access to marijuana but for a regime whereby purchases and production are regulated and taxed. 

“If anyone takes a sober look at the current situation we’re in, it’s a totally unsustainable model. We could do a lot better job in terms of bending public resources in a way that would actually reduce crime and increase public health.

“There’s some bad irony that we’re expecting a federal budget that will make cuts to health and social services, yet billions of tax dollars will go to building prisons to lock up minor drug offenders.” 

The report is co-authored by British Columbia’s provincial health officer.

“Despite the fact that there’s a lot of social costs to illegal drug use, there’s also quite a gulf of evidence that shows what isn’t working with marijuana prohibition,” said Dr. Perry Kendall, the province’s top doctor. 

This report was published in Open Medicine journal and outlines the support from the public-health community for a new approach to these "drug wars" Finally, acknowledging the ineffectiveness of, and the great harm that has been caused by the war from national levels on its on citizenry about drugs.  

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