Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sensorium - Dinner you will never forget

I have had a rough week. I'm traveling, commuting, fixing things that are severely broken and exhausted. But I'm trying to keep up my end of things so, here are a few entertaining things to titillate your taste buds and first, to stroke your eyeballs a bit.

The Pendulum Wave Video. I love that one. Don't give up on it, it's pretty cool. Yes, all it does is swing around, but if you like that kind of thing, you begin to notice it messes with your perception.

For the more crazy experiences, there is this new Quantum Jumping thing. I have no idea. It's either really cool, or just nutz.

Then there is this one. Have you ever experienced food as pure experience? Sure, you've probably had a good meal. Maybe even an extraordinary meal. But this is something even a bit beyond that.

Executive Chef Bryon Brown

It's from a place in Washington D.C., called Sensorium. Check out their web site for some more interesting things. Sensorium is a culinary and sensory experience featuring creative atmosphere and cutting-edge production. Enjoy a 12 course tasting extravaganza brought to you by Executive Chef Bryon Brown, amidst an evening of delights, mysteries, and surprises for all five senses!

NPR did an article on them recently and it's best if you go there to view the video. As they put it: "
Dinner with a side of memory: A supper club extravaganza staged in Washington, D.C., this spring enlisted all the senses — and some actors and musicians, too — to enhance diners' experience and memory of the food."

Check it out. And have a nice week!

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