Friday, August 5, 2011

Seattle Hempfest - You can be a volunteer - Free Marc Emery

Happy Friday! And for our lighter side, did you make it to Hempfest Seattle last year? If not, here's your chance to get there this year. You can even be a volunteer.

But before we get into that, a few HempHeadLines:
  • The New York Times Supports Medical Marijuana - urges New York’s Governor Cuomo to follow the lead of New Jersey and allow seriously ill New Yorkers to use marijuana to treat their illnesses
  • Gov. Chris Christie Puts New Jersey Medical Marijuana Back on Track
  • MPP holds Liberty Belle Ball Fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion
Now for the good stuff....

Seattle Hempfest: Volunteers Needed Aug. 19-21

I have to get this poster for Seattle Hempfest 2011, I used to have a couple of posters years ago by this artist (who's style is presented here). There are other posters to be available.

Massive lineup of bands and music at various stages around the area along the waterfront.

Many notable speakers lined up to talk.

On the political side of things:


Canadian cannabis activist, business owner and philanthropist, Marc Emery, is being prosecuted by the United States Government for selling seeds across the United States border via mail order. Marc Emery has been extradited from Canada to Seattle, Washington, to enter a plea. Emery is expected to take a 5 year sentence in a federal prison, accepting a pre-arranged plea bargain in order to reduce the sentences of his two co-defendants.

We need to oppose the political persecution of our Canadian brother, Marc Emery, and let our government and the Canadian government know that nobody should go to prison for pot.

Go to: for more info on Marc Emery.

 Just a few things about Marc:

Marc Emery gave away all of the profits from his seed business to drug law reform lobbyists, political parties, global protests and rallies, court litigation, medical marijuana initiatives, drug rehabilitation clinics, and other legitimate legal activities and organizations.

• Marc helped found the United States Marijuana Party, state-level political parties, and international political parties in countries such as Israel and New Zealand.
• Marc has been known as a book seller and activist in Canada for 30 years, fighting against censorship laws and other social issues long before he became a drug law reform activist.

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