Wednesday, August 31, 2011

God gave man seed, but woman, well....

I was just watching "Female Perversions" with Tilda Swinton from 1995. A powerful movie.

But something happened in it at the end. A girl was burying something. She had only been having her period for a few months. Tilda's character asked her, in the middle of the desert, what she was doing. And the girl answered, "I'm burying my babies." Tilda said, "What babies?" And the girl responded that every month now for four month, she has her period and a baby comes out. Under the four stones in front of her, were buried those four babies.

That got me to thinking.

In the bible it has this to say:

"But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his. So whenever he went in to his brother's wife he would waste the semen on the ground, so as not to give offspring to his brother. And what he did was wicked in the sight of the Lord, and he put him to death also." Genesis 38:9-10

So, God killed a guy for simply spilling semen on the ground and not putting it inside a woman where it is moist, warm and confined. Apparently any woman works as long as it doesn't get spread around, dried and chilled. Okay, whatever.

But what about women? Personally I think women got a bad rap. After all, it's men's fault they can't control their urges, or refuse to, depending upon your orientation. Then again, we are all designed how we are. Anyway, why does it not say anywhere, that a woman's "seed" is important. Men generate and spill billions of their seed in a lifetime, but women, only one a month and they enter adulthood with all the eggs they will ever carry. Which any logic would easily point out makes the eggs more important as there are less and they all exist before the woman would even begin to procreate.

The man however, has nearly unlimited amounts of sperm and generate them all the time, leading one to surmise that they are far less either important, or certainly and unarguably, less valuable. Of course, you could argue that as egg or sperm can create life, they are all important but I would disagree, holding that a woman's egg is simply more valuable. Considering that these religions are created by men, you'd think they would have said that men can splash them all about but women have to take all the care and anxiety (which historically speaking, they seem to have done anyway).

So, how come this is never mentioned in the Holy Bible? How come God, didn't seem to know about this. Seems like a lot to swallow and odd considering who he created people and the format in which they are created, carried, inseminated and birthed from. Don't you think?

It almost seems obvious, doesn't it, that religions were created ad hoc, and over time. Because if someone had actually gotten together a commission to study and formulate this plan, it would simply have to come out more cohesive. But then, don't get me started on the council of Nicea again.

I just find it confusing where a book, a "word", a religion, handed down to Human kind, okay, let's face it, back then? The "Word" was handed down to Man. But it seems that Man's ignorance aside, wouldn't the "Word" make more sense and that in time, hundreds or thousands of years later, it would begin to make more sense as time goes on; rather what we have here is a "Word" that makes less sense as time goes on? Perplexing, right?

No. Not at all. It seems pretty clear what is going on.

But I diverge. I just couldn't understand why women don't get the same consideration as men in the bible, when after all, they have the more important and precious commodity: The Egg.

The joke is on us guys though. I don't know what the guys that set this up in the beginning were thinking and surely, back then they had a very different set of criteria than now worldwide and in the modern world. So now, this whole thing just seems screwed up (excuse the pun). Those guys who started the ball rolling on all this were ignoring women and making themselves the center of attention (guys doing that? No way!), so that now, women are the center of attention (but really, wasn't it ALWAYS that way?).

But don't worry ladies, I got your back. I mean someone has to. Right? Not that you need it, or can't handle it yourself, or anything like that, but, well, isn't it just good to know that someone else is out there wasting the energy to think about stuff like this?


  1. The only place in the Bible that refers to the "woman's seed" is in the first book, Genesis 3:15. There, the reference is to the Deliverer of mankind, a.k.a the "messiah'. From this perspective the 'seed of the woman' is far superior to the seed of man.

  2. Me thinks that you have an axe to grind. Let's okay. No one has the answers except the fearful, who have to make them up.

  3. Nope. No ax. Just a sense of humor and perspective, and Actuality. :) The more who speak up about it, the closer we all bring the world to it.