Friday, December 7, 2018

Is Russia Steering the America Ship?

We have an interesting situation here. From an espionage POV anyway. Russia hacked America in 2016 and helped, did what they could for Trump to become POTUS and whatever they could do to hinder Hillary.

Their goal is not to support Trump. It is to destabilize western democracies. Mainly, America. Just because, we're US.

So to follow Putin's plan, destabilization, make some nonsense POTUS, by supporting Trump. In 2016 they hacked the DNC and others, including RNC associates.

Now we see the NRCC has been hacked by "foreign actors".
The pattern would be, should be, now to destabilize the Republican party, not the Democrats. it's a basic rock the boat enough, it sinks.

BUT, they can't. Because if they do, if they support the Democrats, they are not happy at all with Russia, like Republicans are. They are pissed off, worried, and want to stop the madness, not accelerate it as we're seeing from Trump and the GOP.

So what do you do? Yeah, what?

When you can't rock the boat to sink it because if you do you will go down with it, all you CAN do is to steer the boat where you want. At least for now, so maybe you CAN start rocking the boat at some time in the near, or far future.

THAT is how Russia does things, that is how they work.

So the NRCC was hacked. IF that's wrapped up in this and since the RNCC has spent a lot of money now after discovering the hack, to pay for damage control (why?), this information begs the question.

Does the NRCC know they were hacked and now compromised because of it? Can they not know that?

Is someone else now steering the boat that is America? At least from the Republican side, the Trump side? Because up to now they have been but losing control. Did they just reassert that control?

Could they have not?

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