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Islamic Terrorism a World Wide Social Cancer - Paris

I'm very pleased to hear Muslims speaking out against terrorism after the attack in Paris on November 13, 2015, Friday the 13th.

I am myself half Czechoslovakian, half Irish. I feel a close tie to Europe and just spent a couple of weeks in Ireland in September for my birthday. I feel these attacks close to my heart.

Je suis Charlie! Je suis Paris! And Beirut! And all the other places terrorists have attacked where innocents have died and been maimed.

I do not have to respect your beliefs, your religion, your God or your Allah. No one does. One has only to respect that you have the right to believe in your delusions, just as we all do. No one has a right to force their beliefs on another and if you belong to a religion that teachers otherwise, you are the one in league with Satan, the Devil, with Evil. Islamic terrorists in killing innocents are therefore saying that Muhammad is evil, a joke. 

Why should they want to do that?

A word about those who shoot down people changing their Facebook photo to exhibit the French flag, or some other small token of French support. Stop shooting them down to make yourself feel superior! Anything helps! Something is more than nothing. Talking about how we can do more is best, but chastising people for meaning well, does nobody any good.

Terrorists are by definition unimportant people who have found a way to make themselves feel important, while they never really are and never really can or will be. Truly being an important person takes thought and working with a system, not trying to kill it through murder and mayhem.

Terrorism is the greatest social cancer we have. The attack in Paris Friday night was horrendous, cowardly, the result of tiny minds who don't deserve to breathe the same air as those they attacked.

Let's start with wishing the human trash, "Jihadi John" Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born British militant, a not so fond farewell.

Feel free to burn in your own personal Hell, pal.

They deserve no quarter and they love their misplaced martyrdom.

I have had enough of religion and especially religious extremism. Even more so that of those who use religious concepts for purposes of greed or pleasure. Attacking innocent people gives terrorists pleasure. They go against their own religion, their own beliefs and they don't even understand that. Or how religion or evolution works. They especially, as most theists, do not understand social evolution or religious evolution.

I spent my entire life studying religion having started out Catholic and ending up an atheist who uses Buddhism as a guide in life, as well as Aikido. Wrap you head around that one. I wrote a Horror \ Sci Fi book titled, Death of heaven which tells the story of a world and a human race sorely mistaken on religion and our history where the belief and history of religion comes crashing down with all due pain and intensity. Video Trailer.

That gives you a little background on me and where I'm coming from. Religion to me now seems truly silly and killing over it, even more so. You don't kill innocents. I'm against that be you serial murderer, terrorist or America.

I don't think for instance, any drone strike should ever happen without 100% being sure no innocents die. All terrorists do is temporarily scare a few people, and then piss off a lot. It makes people angry to be unfairly attacked. You're not supporting your cause. If you think your prophet is telling you to do that, you're wrong, he's wrong, your religion is wrong.

Terrorism is used in order to get something when your army is too small to get what your people want. But what your people want is untenable to the rest of the world and so in the end, you will lose. Just kill yourself now and save us all a lot of time and trouble. And more death. Or get your act together and play nice and be in the world rather than against it. Only a religion would teach that.

It will be a great shock I'm sure when Islamic terrorists martyr themselves and then arrive in heaven only to realize it was all a sham. Not really though. After all, how can they be surprised to find that when they die, nothingness?

Religion exists, what they teach in general does not. Which makes Islamic terrorism even stupider.

This isn't about all Muslims or Islam itself. Though it has something to do with it.

You can have the bible according to Mickey Mouse with nothing violent in it, and you'd still have violent people using it as a justification for their sickly desired actions. 

These religions I'll grant you, these Desert Religions born of hard times, hard people in an area allowing anonymity in migrating about for thousands of years, in having created religions that are death oriented to begin with, are much like mind worms with questionable teachings that just won't die.

People pick and choose in their religion and these nut cases choose to force it into violent forms. 

Yes, religion needs to go away and it will as we mature as a race of beings. It was apparently necessary for a very long time, though. We need to stop kowtowing to the concept of religion and make it fit our modern mold of non violence and scientific based thinking. 

Religion is here for now and people are infected with it. They choose how to make it be productive, in a useful social adhering way, or a way useful only to specific individuals in a violent and disgusting way to support their desires to be more than they are.

Religion isn't the root problem here, really. It just seems that way as a justification for questionable acts. If the Quran didn't exist, they'd use a missile manual they found in the wild that some Russian dropped or they'd find a way for Buddhism to be violent. Or something else. These are people who want to do what they want to do, regardless of what their religion says. 

However this is also very much a socio-economic disease perpetrated by first world countries abusing this region for many decades because of their ignorance and backward ways that we have utilized for our benefit and finally it's come back to bite us all. 

It really was only a matter of time.

Let's not let us off the hook on this because of their religion that these terrorists have used as a crutch to affect their pathetic and sad purposes. And remember, if you get angry and not terrorized, they lose. And yet in a way, they win, in perpetrating their anger and violent beliefs, their us against them and they are the demon paradigm.

Someone posted this meme today. I'm sure they meant well and I'm sure they are angry. So am I. Although I pretty much agree with this meme, even I found it offensive. This simply isn't how to do this. It's not accepting responsibility for it either, to post anonymously. It's not being brave. It's just not useful. It satiates in the same vein that mentally small people who become terrorists are satiated by their killing and martyrdom.

Part of my charter in here on my blog is looking forward, understanding and fixing what is broken. Or at least openly discussing it.

So I modified this meme and posted it, taking full responsibility for it.

When I did, I got a chill in the consideration of what this could entail. I posted it with hashtags on the three top terror related and Islamic tags. I don't think I'm anybody. I'm nobody. Just like the terrorists. A nobody. But as things are today, a silly video someone puts out gets millions of hits in a day unexpectedly, or someone says something offhandedly and they find themselves on an international news or media show.

We never know anymore who will get their fifteen minutes or more of fame. I'm nobody but just like terrorists, should they come at me they could turn a nobody into a somebody overnight and yet, my name would live on and theirs? They name would fade into a sorry past of themselves, their family, their history, into the nothing they built themselves into being.

I suddenly thought of Billy Pilgrim in Kurt Vonnegut's excellent novel, Slaughterhouse Five and his demise, his lifelong knowledge all his life of how it would all end for a lecture he would one day give in his future. I do hope this doesn't lead to my carrying a gun forever from now on, or dying at a book signing some day because of some violent deluded faux Islamic activist.

But we have to stand up to these mindsets, these people, this kind of thing.

If you want to have a religion in these times it cannot contain beliefs or actions like in saying, no one can draw a picture of your religious leader, saint or prophet. You certainly have no right to kill someone over your religious beliefs.

And you sure as hell have no right to kill someone over a God Damned cartoon! What are you? Two years old, with a gun, or bomb?

And so I put my name on the redone meme. 

I accidently posted the wrong one at first and now that is out there forever too even though I quickly took it down and put up the right one (a change from having labeled it as and then instead to going from my personal web site to my blog). 

I thought giving my name so directly was just making it too easy for them and instead I offered a location where people could post for or against me to mouth off to me online and from anywhere if they feel like it.

Better to yell at me here than shoot someone in their proximity. At least it has the potential for that.

Artists, cartoonists, journalists and comics are not violent.

Terrorists are.

It is the job of the artistic and journalistic communities to disrupt our status quo when it is incorrect or ignorant. But they do not kill or harm people. If people are mentally harmed by them it is an issue within those individuals or their community. That does not mean they should take up arms and harm other human beings.

There is a biblical phrase, "an eye for an eye". You do not retaliate unduly, but appropriately. I would throw away the ancient and juvenile biblical form altogether. Retaliation is ridiculous. Appropriate action is sane and intelligent, toward the goal of achieving a peaceful status quo.
It is our artist's and journalist's job to open our eyes.

To non-Muslims, do not group them all together.

Muslim's, do not be a part of the problem.

It our job as individuals and members of society and the human race to open our eyes. To see reality through the filter of life, not just history. Especially when you come to learn how much history, even biblical history is inaccurate, and how it no longer fits the world today.

Parts of it surely do, but you have to pick your way through and see things in a way many times in order to make it appropriate. Which calls into question the entire endeavor. It is best not to harm others in your pursuit therefore, of what path you have chosen through you own religious tome and current theists leader's interpretation of said tome. As with the physician's pledge, do no harm.

My reworked, more positive and better meme
Sometimes we have to stand up and face the music. 

Even if we don't like the tune.

And good grief, stop support shaming!

Remember slut shaming? Now we have supporter shaming....stop it.

Those who shoot down people changing their Facebook photo to exhibit the French flag, or making some other small token of French support, stop shooting them down in order to make yourself feel superior! 

Anything helps! 

Something is more than nothing. 

Talking about how we can do more is best, but chastising people for meaning well, for exhibiting support in any small or large way, does nobody any good. If you have suggestions on how to support in better ways, fine, share them, but share them in a positive supportive way. Not in ways that make people not want to show support. The more people who are obviously on the side of good, of the victims, is good. 

We cannot know everything (as in the Beirut attack), we cannot do everything. Everyone can support in their own way. Some are not as brave as others, does that make their efforts worthless when their small token or sign of support may inspire someone who makes a far greater effort? No. All efforts are efforts and affect he overall zeitgeist of support. 

If you have support shamed, consider yourself duly shamed.

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