Monday, November 9, 2015

Conservatives fear the DemSoc! Absolutely not, dummy....

In some ways I see Democratic Socialism as a redundancy. Certainly, one doesn't (shouldn't) fear it. Children fear concepts in that way. Conservatives, Republicans do also where fear is a primary focus, rather than intelligent consideration, appropriate actions. And so this is a note to those conservatives and republicans who need to hear these things.

There is literally nothing to fear, but fear itself! 

Well, seriously now. We're living it now, we have been for many decades. So what suddenly is so horrible about i? It's not, it's just a way for conservatives to have a way to have something to sell for people to buy as they have so little. But really you're just buying air from them, animosity, disingenuous diatribe, and ... trouble. 

The idea that socialism is something we should fear, like it's communism in 1950, is ridiculous. 

First, it's not communism. Second, it's not 1950. Third, it's not even socialism. It's a lean away from capitalism and toward fellow human beings. It's not redistribution of wealth, which is a conservative Republican codeword phrase. 

It's paying into government so they simply do the job they have been tasked to accomplish. It's paying for our government to do the jobs we don't want, shouldn't need to deal with, like maintaining the common good across our nation and protecting us so we can get one with our lives.
Good roads, schools, rational healthcare and seeing everyone is taken care of especially those who cannot take care of themselves and others of us as we fall on very hard times. Especially when those hard times are perpetrated upon us by the elite or outside forces. With the dumbing down of America, making education harder to access and more problematic, it makes sense there are now more and more people who cannot take care of themselves. But conservatives would have us ignore them. Cast them aside, because it is easy and cheap. But it is not, either.
Conservatives want people to act like sheep, just do whatever they want and they have been getting their wish, although that comes with a price. Ignorant people lead to people needing more help and guidance and the more you guide them incorrectly, the more you have problems and need to guide them. 
Conservatives have a weird combination of ideals where they don't believe you should teach someone to fish (let them learn it themselves), but then you shouldn't feed them fish either if they don't have it (they should have learned to fish), to refer to an old parable. Then they make it hard to learn to fish.
Bernie Sanders is making sense. It's not news really. It's old information he is just trying to get us to face full on, to stop the nonsense and start the actions leading to making things better...for real.

It's been this long and we still cannot get it:
"The Soul of Man under Socialism is an 1891 essay by Oscar Wilde in which he expounds a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity.[1] The writing of The Soul of Man followed Wilde's conversion to anarchist philosophy, following his reading of the works of Peter Kropotkin.
"In The Soul of Man Wilde argues that, under capitalism, "the majority of people spoil their lives by an unhealthy and exaggerated altruism—are forced, indeed, so to spoil them": instead of realising their true talents, they waste their time solving the social problems caused by capitalism, without taking their common cause away. Thus, caring people "seriously and very sentimentally set themselves to the task of remedying the evils that they see in poverty but their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it" because, as Wilde puts it, "the proper aim is to try and reconstruct society on such a basis that poverty will be impossible." - Wikipedia
Times they are a changin'....

America needs to clear her collective throat of the conservative sputum that has collected there for so many decades now.

We need to be able to breathe through passages clear and free of this miserable Republican asthma. Cough it up and spit it out into the conservative spittoon, America! Yes, it's almost full but it's on their side of the aisle where it belongs.
Times they are a changin'....

Freedom. Feel the change, feel the free air filling your lungs!
Times are a changing....

We don't need a "Big" Brother who beats us down at every turn. We need a Big "Brother" who squares his shoulders and says that we're not too heavy, who will then carry us to safety. Who will care to see we are all safe and able to be successful, not just his friends, not just his lovers, but all of his extended family.
Times they are a changin'....

I use the "he" metaphor but it could as easily be our "sister", right? Right? No. Not really. And it's not so much our brother, as it is our Dad, an old white guy (even if you're no white). But really i is more like our grandfather, those who have the souls of old codgers; in many cases of an old pervert.
Times they are a changin'....

Be afraid, those of you who have abused us for so long. Be very, very afraid. Or then again, don't even bother being afraid (though you're so good at being fearful, you probably can't stop it anyway). Because nothing you can do will stop what is about to happen.
Times they are a changin'....

Instead get on the bus with the rest of us because truly unlike you, we want to be inclusive. We don't want to cut you out. We want a cohesive and rational America who succeeds for everyone. Not just for a few.
Time they are definitely...
a changin'.

And now, this.... Ed Asner's cartoon explanation of America today.

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