Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Murders. More Stupid Faux "Terrorist" Attacks

More Murder, this time in France at the offices of Charlie Hebdo where two police officers and ten employees and journalists were murdered.

First, see this article about the victims. Because really, we care about them. Not the slime who murdered them. Currently according to French police, believed to be the Kouachi brothers - Cherif and Said (see link, bottom of page for their photos). A couple of very low criminal types.

French police released photos of the Kouachi brothers - Cherif (L) and Said (R)

I strongly denounce killing in the name of any religion. I'm kind of against killing period, actually.
For those anti American types out there who say America shouldn't kill either...well, I fully agree. And we're working on that. I wish we were working on that harder but groups like ISIS\ISIL, Assad in Syria, etc., make it difficult to stop.

There is a big difference however between nation states and religious killings.

Yes I agree some people should just be shot and put down. But they are few and far between and really need a concerted communal effort first to not kill them (serial killers come to mind, and terrorists). If the communal effort however is some village who says "yes, we need to stone this woman for adultery", or "for driving a car", or "for that man for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed", or "for disparaging Allah", or whatever other bullshit you can dream up in your deluded tiny mindsets, then you need a far bigger community to decide for you because obviously you are incapable of deciding rationally for yourselves. 

It's sad, very, very sad. This kind of thing is simply no longer acceptable.

What we need to do is dilute the arguments for these killings, not bow to them as Sony recently did with the nut cases in North Korea.

You want Mohammed? You got it....
by David Pope
That being politically correct Mohammed drawing against the drawing Mohammed's image jihad cartoon:
Silly drawing of Mohammed dancing a silly dance in a sandstorm....
To good Muslims, my apologies for all this.

To the certain criminal Muslim cretin elite, kiss me Irish arse. 

By the way, if you feel you need to track me down and kill me, at least do the good service of warning me so I can start packing heat. But you won't, will you.? You'd show up and kill me from behind, in the dark, unknown, hidden, cowardly. Wouldn't you?

Or in plain sight with an automatic gun, sniping, or using a bomb probably killing more innocents, possibly more Muslims. Actions you think looks cool, where you know I can't fight back.

Which you see, is what "terrorists" are all about, which makes you cowards. We don't have much terrorism anymore. What we have now are just criminals committing crimes. Low level wannabees. Low lifes. People with no lives. Scum.

I've actually avoided doing this for some time, but I knew it was going to happen eventually. Just be aware, if you come for me I have training since childhood and I shoot back. Unlike many of these types of victims. Well all these killings have finally brought on a backlash.

And so....
La vie de Mahomet
Publish Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cartoons in solidarity with the victims of censorship and violence
Mohammed, such a silly guy who liked a good party.

You see, we need to put an end to the nonsense of people thinking they can kill over words like this, or cartoons. Grow up.

And.... there's this:

And dammit, it's funny. Anyone who takes their religion so seriously without joy and laughter, has entirely missed the reason behind religion.

Humor after all is a higher function of intellect and so in saying that religion should be entirely serious, is to indicate either the worshiper or their God, isn't. You can be devout and have a sense of humor. One sign of how foolish you or your religion is, is an inability to see humor in it. God is laughing, why shouldn't you? He really won't mind. Unless He is just a fabrication of your own sad and limited image of a God is. Religious writings are written by men, mostly. Another consideration of their own self importance over that of what a real God would be like. And if you can't see that, maybe you're the stupid one who should be bombed out of existence.

I'm really not that concerned because religion is on the way out anyway as humanity becomes more educated and realizes they have been deluded for a very long time, following the agenda of other men long since dead and not magic beings in the sky.

Yes, religion is silly. Killing for it is even sillier. The sooner people realize that the better for us all. If you want to go along believing in nonsense, you are welcome to in my book. Just don't try and put that off on the rest of us and for God's sake, don't kill over it.

Either way, have a sense of humor.

Now of course, let's move on to the one that started it all...

Just in case you think I'm picking on Mohammed....

Seriously and again back to the original point. What's more cowardly than killing unarmed journalists? Children? I've seen they seem to be doing that too. I must be missing something but I don't see how killing innocents or the unarmed is either brave, deserving of reward of any kind or useful to one's cause, unless that cause is to get people pissed off at you, your agenda and if religious based, your stupid religion, considering they are already starting in the minus column in my book, anyway.

I think we need more films where Muslim terrorists (and various "Murderers for Jesus", for that matter) seemingly die in glory (probably murdering more innocents) and then end up with (in the Muslim case) 72 virgin... demons... in Hell. That is, they aren't praised but made to be the fools they are.

Perhaps a flood of films like this, cartoons, etc. until these Muslim murderer types are so overwhelmed worldwide that they finally HAVE to give up their murderous religious fun.

While we're at it, let's have "The Interview" bomb dropped into North Korea (might as well cover all spectrums while I'm at it) en masse. Aren't you sick of these bullies yet?

I do think that all this nonsense in the Muslim community in recent years (the killings) exemplifies the death throws of religion in general worldwide. As with any wounded and cornered animal, just before it dies, it gives a good show of killing anything within reach. Humankind can then finally rise from the veld and count itself among the intelligent species in the galaxy. '

Many of us are biding our time, trying hard to be patient in a pool of delusional despair for many of them who fear the end of their beliefs. It is painful and you have my condolences. You can try but what is to be will be and you can't look at it as prophecy will triumph, because what is to come is what can only triumph. Religion has had its place long since passed by. It survived and had a hardy existence. It continued as long as it could

But then, inevitably, it will die off as reality overtakes wish fulfillment and childhood fantasies. . 
Disclaimer: Most Muslims aren't bad people, so don't harangue them for goodness' sake. But they all do have to get over the concept that non Muslims have to live by their rules of their religion. Honestly, we don't for the most part, care. Same issues for, Christians with Attitude.

Just learn to get along. 

Good Grief.

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