Monday, January 19, 2015

Muslim Terrorists vs. Violent Terrorists? Either Way Worse Scum Than the Flu? Absolutely.

Yes, I've been watching last Friday night's Real Time with Bill Maher.

You'll have to excuse my comments below at some point. Just be aware that if you can't, terrorists are the reason I'm saying these things and frankly? I needs to be said....

Two things.... the flu and terrorists. Two scummy things that we need to eradicate from the planet. I'd vote, kill the terrorists model first, being the more lowlife of the two. At least the flu can only attack as it's nature. Human beings have a choice and they decide that their petty God or Allan, their magic Guy in the Sky, is more important that a real human being right in front of them.

First, people who say flu vaccines don't work, why get them, aren't arguing they don't work (unless they're just ignorant), they're arguing they are only so effective as the flu changes and the shots are made five months ahead of time. But the do work, but only within a range of a percentage of what's possible. 23% is tossed about. Okay, so 23% of Americans find it useful. That's like 76 million people, who don't get it, get it lighter than they would or don't die. And they aren't infecting others or decreasing the number they would which is additional savings which aren't considered.

So yes, we all should get a flu shot.

Pres. Obama has started calling Muslim Terrorists, violent terrorists. Really? From within the perspective of all religions, he may be correct to do so. But from outside of the perspective of religion, I think he's wrong. At very least he should say religious terrorists or something. Yes, these people are in many cases just criminals wrapping themselves in the cloak of religion just to have fun or push a cause, but still religion is at the core of their efforts. It is not the mainstream cause of Muslims, most of them shouldn't suffer for the cause and actions of a few (don't go kill any Muslim, you have to wait till they yell "Jihad", or "Praise Allah" just before they push the button and blow you the hell up. Or shoot you. And the other woman and children in the market.

So no, all Muslims have little to do with Muslim Terrorists. But they are still Muslim Terrorists.

That being said, Pope Francis has said that you shouldn't talk smack about someone's religion because if the guy next to him was talking that way about his mother, he'd punch him out and then apparently mimicked the action. WTF? Jesus punching someone over anything? His representative on earth, doing what? Really? I love this guy, this Pope, I really do, but that was stepping over the line.

And I'm sorry, but anyone anywhere should have the right to call bullshit on your ridiculous religion or beliefs. Just walk away. Because if you can't, what are you? Twelve? Because the mindset I'm seeing behind religious killings is that of a child who has yet to mature into an adult who can play well with others, even when it's annoying to.

Anyone who wants to should be able to look you right in the eye, if you think you should be killing people for God, or Allah, of some Prophet and say to them, "F*ck your God", Allah, the Prophet, Jehovah, or Dog for that matter (because some people worship the most ridiculous crap, right?).

But you know what? And how many who are pissed at me for the previous paragraph are really reading THIS far?

We probably should NOT say, "F*ck your God." We should really say "Fuck YOU!" Because the concept of God, Allah, whathaveyou is really initially a good and positive mental construct. It is a well meaning attempt at humanism believe it or not. Typically a failed one I'd argue but it started out well. Usually it is there now to replace one that already existed that someone thought was defective and thought "F*ck YOUR God" to someone else coming before them. Probably long before them and so aren't there to defend themselves or their original intent. Just descendants of followers who probably now have a diluted and bastardized form of the original religion, much like today's Muslim Terrorists. Or Religious Terrorists. Or violent terrorists but really, isn't "violent" terrorists just redundant?

Name a terrorist who wasn't violent, because terror by its nature tends to be violent so really, at very LEAST religious terrorist should be the go to phrase. But then Catholics, and those idiots over at Scientology, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and all the other nut cases including Judaism would start whining.

What we should be saying is "F*ck YOU, you rat bastards for killing innocents and pushing your defective extreme (not fundamentalist) thoughts onto others who not only don't see things your way, but may very well in general see things your way as you do after all KILL MUSLIMS, you ASSholes!"

Praise being kind to other people who are real and need our compassion. Should that include terrorists? Well, by their own definition I'd argue, No.

Put down your guns, your bombs, head cutting off knives and swords and your bad attitude and rejoin the human race and then yes, I'd agree. You'd have my compassion again. Until then, you die, whenever possible. Not that it's very hard to do, kill you I mean, since after all half the time you die in the action of killing others and really that's the epitome of stupidity.

Your attrition does help our side however. The side of the entire rest of the world who is against you. So join the rest of humanity because if you think you are right and 99% of the rest of the world is wrong, you really are a loser. Come on. Come join us. Be a part of humanity. You can do it. Just turn your back on ridiculous beliefs. Really. It's doable. Many have done it already and more are all the time, realizing how stupid religious wars against the majority of the planet are.

But first you have to get your head out of your ass.

God, or Allah, ain't up in there.

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