Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Islam out of control? Is it time to take control?

At what point do we consider that Islam, is out of control in the world?

Should we have special task forces just dealing with violent Muslim activists? Don't we already? Should we start cracking down on them, more than we are, with different tactics? They have long argued a right to these actions, is it time to say no more and become aggressive? Is this the time for the Religion War to begin? Are we tired enough yet of the nonsense religion has been and is still fostering upon us as a species?

So are these ideologues who are taking it upon themselves to protect a religion, or their beliefs through a religion, to be taken seriously yet? I mean, SERIOUSLY. To that point that we act?

Do we need special task forces dealing only with this situation until it is ended? 

If we were to do that, there is no doubt in my mind that innocents would be killed in the effort to kill this mindset in that of those young, those disaffected and those typically male. 

Or should Islam begin it's own task force to deal with this issue, heading off outsiders starting their own mindset that we've all had enough?

The issue with Charlie Hebdo in France, may have turned into the next step, escalating this issue. Has a gunman taken hostages in another situation, perhaps linked to the killing of a police officer yesterday, in an attempt to help or support the two Charlie Hebdo gunmen still at large and possibly now surrounded by police? We already know about these two orphaned jokers....

French police released photos of the Kouachi brothers - Cherif (L) and Said (R)

Well it seems these guys are dead now.

If Islam doesn't start to do something about this situation, should non-Muslims, forces from outside of Islam? Shouldn't Islam start doing something to clean up their own mess? Isn't it about time?

I've called for them to take this on before. Some have stood up in the Muslim community around the world to denounce these criminal actions. But when will they pull out all the stops? They are great at fighting for themselves. If this is a true religion, when will they start fighting for others? Otherwise I have to suspect Islam is just another false religion that praises yet another false God (well actually I know it does, but that's beside the point here). Where IS Allah in all this? Are these people following Allah, Mohamed, or just themselves? 

If it is just themselves, shouldn't Islam handle it? Because with the way things are going, if outsiders are left to police Islam, that is a very dangerous thing indeed. This could spark the beginning of the end for all religions. 

Because we non-Muslims, are sick to death of this NON SENSE.

Yesterday Fareed Zakaria called for the leaders of Muslim countries to speak up and out about this, to denounce these men. Why isn't Islam up in arms themselves screaming about it, denouncing these actions by these criminals, these mass murderers? Because to not speak up and out about it is to agree with it. Are Muslims cowards? Is it a religion of people fearful of themselves, their beliefs, their "God"?

Isn't it time that God finally be put into his place? 

Islam as a religion needs to be devalued. Judaism was long ago, as was Catholicism. It is time for Islam. It is a religion too young to exist in the modern age. Once they realize this, to play well with others as a whole, it is merely a cancer in the world that needs to be cut out.

People are scared, though they are putting on a brave face. But as some have pointed out, it's rational and okay to be afraid. Just be aware that if the people that people are being afraid of is YOU, you might want to consider taking matters into your own hands as a whole before scared people do.

We saw what happened to Iraq after 9/11. An angry and scared America lashed out and ridiculously attacked Iraq and we don't need any kind of a re-occurrence of that nonsense. Lashing out like that is a sign of cowardice, of fear. Scared people act stupidly. I studied martial arts and the first thing we were taught was never to allow fear to win over in a fight. That all being said, Saddam had to go but he should have gone the first time around in the 1980s. 

If I were a Muslim, I sure as hell wouldn't let outsiders do it. All Muslims need to stand up now and demand an end to the hijacking of their religion and start making it something that all of them can praise and share in the world. And not just for the Charlie Hebdo situation, but for all and future situations.

Religion loves absolutes, Islam even more so, Islamic terrorists (and wannabes like the Charlie Hebdo murderers who are merely criminals) even more so, still. When someone in your Muslim group starts talking crap, shout them down. Punch them in the face. Kick them in the balls. Kill them, if need be, before they kill others when you would really have an issue with masses of others killing random Muslims. Let's avoid that.

Be a real Man, be a real Woman (though being female in Islam is problematic) for your God's sake. Be a Muslim! Stand up wherever you are right now and shout it: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! Muslims everywhere stop killing!" Refuse to allow it. Take a zero tolerance stance. Typically I'm against zero tolerance situations but when it comes to certain things like killing, especially innocents, it may be justified. If you want to kill, to stone someone, try killing killers.

This is an effort that needs to come from the ground up, but also from the top down. The leaders of Muslim countries need to stand up, speak up, make changes that will resonate. If they don't, then who? Because if they don't and they don't know who, not being proactive just isn't going to work. There's a lot of Muslims in the world. But there's a lot of others in the world too. Sooner or later people are going to feel they've had enough.

So stop allowing ANY Muslims to be known for cowardice and punk tactics like using bombs to kill innocents, or slaughtering people who have never held a gun and never would.

Otherwise, what does that say about Islam?

Because a God who would allow this to happen, who seems to call for this to happen and keep happening, is a small God indeed, anyway.

By the way, if you think I'm anti Muslims, you're wrong. I'm not. I'm pro people. I'm anti religion. I don't dislike people because they choose religion. I dislike people when they make horrible choices. Religion isn't a horrible choice, it's a bad choice. Big difference (for me anyway).

Let's consider this, "France's New Hero Is The Muslim Police Officer Killed Confronting The Charlie Hebdo Gunmen."

Here's a thought, How to Suck at Your Religion. Because if I had a God, He'd have a sense of humor. Enjoy....

Still here? Okay....

Someone responded to this blog with this:

"What an ill-informed, reactionary piece of toss this is. Muslims around the world are confronting these cretinous zealots... every day. The question we need to ask is why are young, western Muslims turning to an extreme version of the faith, and on...the societies in which they have lived. Task forces won't deal with that, they'll exacerbate it."

Good points. I agree task forces are useless. What is my main point with this blog? Muslim leaders needs to stand up and speak out. Those t the grassroots levels need to stand up and speak out, vociferously. This needs a grassroots effort. My point here was that if Islam doesn't do something, others will and I fully agree, that's a horrible idea. But yet, if Islam doesn't do it, someone will eventually. If you love your Islam, do something, get people involved. Speak out. 

Yes, there are Muslims around the world confronting these cretinous zealots. But they aren't obviously doing enough, not enough are doing it and again, that is my point. This isn't going to go away soon. Unless superhuman action is taken from within the Muslim community and so far? I'm just not seeing it.

As for young Muslim men turning to extreme versions of Islam, well, that's young men in general, and when you add a history such as their or poverty, or not having a voice, or simply feeling disenfranchised, you get young men like that. Young men are always on the lookout for excitement, for a cause, for a focus, for one single thought that requires no thought. But that's what religion is all about too. So again, religion is a big part of the issue to begin with. 

I've spoken on all these issues here before. We need to address why these people are killing people. But Islam needs to act and make it a major issue that parallels the primary elements of their religion. And honestly? I don't see that happening.

Here's part of the problem. Said, your cousin is talking shit about killing for Mohammed. You turn him in.but he wasn't going to do anything. You've caused a huge issue now. Said says something like that in public, at the temple, in a coffee shop. Everyone, stands and denies his Islamicism. That starts to happen everywhere. Muslim media denounces it, leaders, "We are a non violent religion!" That is what's cool. That is what's accepted. 

It will still take years but then instead of zealots, criminals and mentally ill, it will get down to only criminals and mentally ill (we're getting there) and then only the mentally ill. But Islam needs to do it. Perhaps they need our help externally to give them a bad guy to get started but they have to stand up and say they believe to their core EVERYWHERE that Islam doesn't kill. 

I hear that from Muslims now, indeed, but not like what I'm talking about. It has to be on par with someone standing in a coffee shop or temple and saying, "Mohammed is a homosexual!!" 

Yeah, he'd die, right? Same has to be true of the concept of killing for Mohammed. When did the "Prophet" become God, anyway, cuz it sure seems like that's what has happened with many of these guys.

Now this, is what I'm talking about! Hezbollah Leader Says Islamic Extremists Have Hurt Islam More Than Cartoonists

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