Friday, February 14, 2014

Today launches a new Giant Tales Horror Anthology, World of Pirates!

Today marks the official launch of a new Giant Tales anthology by Heather Marie Schulte titled, World of Pirates, and along within it my latest short story, "Breaking on Cave Island".

There's some back story about how this came to be.

But first, Happy Valentine's Day to you all! And best of luck with that....

I ran into Heather Marie Schulte's group on a LinkedIn writer's group, last year. It sounded like they were doing some fun and interesting things. I offered (submitted) a short short story for evaluation and got a "best tension" label on that short-short story titled, "The Regent's Daughter". Well, I thought that was fun. I was in and out of the group as I tend to be, commenting from time to time about one thing or another, until one day Heather asked if I would like to submit a story for the next book.

It was to be a pirate horror book and a part of her "Giant Tales" series of books: "Beyond the Mistic Doors" and "From the Misty Swamp" that I'm now happy to be involved with. I had never written a pirate story before. I thought it might be a good experience, though. A chance to stretch my skills and add to my catalog in a previously untrod upon and unexpected direction. But, could I pull it off?

The first thing I usually do at a time like that is to consider my past writings. Have I written something like this before? Do I already have an unused story that I could save time with and submit? The answer was, no. But there might be an old friend, a character I wrote long ago, who might fit this story very well. Maybe even as a prequel to his previously published adventures.

Typically, I look over what I have before I do anything else, as who knows, I may have forgotten I wrote a pirate tale before. Hey, I like pirates. I like the new Starz cable show, Black Sails. I grew up loving Errol Flynn in Captain Blood. As well as so many other films about pirates.

As far as my new story, "Breaking on Cave Island", if you like it and want to know more about the character, "Lord Ritchie", his continuing story is in my book, "Anthology of Evil" (2012). This character has a long and prestigious history going back to my university days at Western Washington University in the early 1980s. I always liked this guy and felt for him as life always seemed to serve him up a messy and undeserved path.

Now, who is this woman who challenged me to enter an arena I was unfamiliar with and who is putting out these fun books?

Another woman in the group, Rebecca Lacy, wrote an article on the "Women's Voice Magazine" site that I think states this clearly. It's an "Unsung Hero" article about Heather Marie Schulte, also owner of, a short story contest site where the entrants judge one another. Here's the article:

A Love Letter to Those Who Cheer for You to Succeed.

After reading Rebecca's article, I have to agree. Heather is indeed a positive influence (force) in the world.

Drop by and check out this new book, "World of Pirates", maybe even shed a few doubloons and see what you think yourself!

Then feel free to come on back and let me know what you thought of it.


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