Monday, February 17, 2014

Climate Modification by Nation States

I am not a conspiracy nut. I'm not a nut at all. I once had a therapist tell me that I was the most sane person he had ever met, and that that might have been part of my problem at the time. See, I was in the US Air Force back in the 70s and being sane in an insane environment, well, it can kind of make you loopy sometimes. I had a security clearance. Yay for me. Trust me, those are a big pain in the ass. Anyway, I got over it. Then, I really got over it once I got out of the service. That next year, was some ways. I was poor, the transition was horrible, but again, I got over it.

But that's not what this is about.

I've been hearing about chemtrails (not, contrails) for years now. I've heard both sides of the story. Mostly it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But then, like with UFOs, you can explain most of it away, then there is that hard little nut at the end, that tiny percentage, that is not explainable. So on the topic of chemtrails, I've been mostly dismissive, but had this tiny feeling that there just might be something going on.

Is it ridiculous to think this is true? Is there precedent? Surely there is precedent with the American government. This is the government whose CIA took civilians off he street, fed them LSD and threw them into a closet, just to see how they were react. We dropped Agent Orange in Viet Nam, on the energy, and out own soldiers. We have denied PTSD, we have denied Gulf War Vets could have anything wrong from the battlefields were they were exposed to all kinds of things. War, is dirty, after all. Projects like MKULTRA, Operation Midnight Climax (wikipedia), and others.

Like Operation Popeye (Wikipedia) during the Viet Nam war, known as "geophysical warfare". From the wikipedia article:

"Reporter Jack Anderson published a story in March 1971 concerning Operation Popeye (though in his column, it was called Intermediary-Compatriot). The name Operation Popeye (Pop Eye) entered the public space through a brief mention in the Pentagon Papers[9] and a July 3, 1972, article in the New York Times.[10] Operations in Laos ceased two days after the publication of the Times article.
The press stories led to demands from members of the U.S. Congress, led by Senator Claiborne Pell, for more information. U.S. House and Senate resolutions in favor of banning environmental warfare were passed as Senate Resolution 71 on July 11, 1973, H.R. 116 of 1974, H.R. 329 of 1974 and H.R. 28 of 1975."

Anyway, there's precedent. Yes, our government is capable of bizarre things (remember torture during the I don't know, past ten year or so?). Twenty-years ago I would have said no, we wouldn't do that. Yet, we have.

So what about motivation? For there to be a crime, cops, as we all know, have to find motive, opportunity and means. Well, the US Government has the capacity, it has the opportunity, and it certainly has the means. But what is the motive?

The motive is that although Republicans have been denying Climate Change for years now, inside our government, regardless of what the politicians say, those in charge of actually doing something, do things. They have to do things. That's what we put them there for, whether or not you know that.

There are many things we can and may already be doing. Planting trees, solar and alternative green energies, nuclear energy over coal, even painting your roof white. And there is certainly the other side of this conspiracy stuff, the "debunking" side on sites like the Skeptic Project. I've tended to lean that direction myself. Are they spraying reflective materials in our skies to offset climate change? Are they not? If you're not careful you can drive yourself nuts over this.

Sometimes, the government does do wrong things, usually thinking that it is right. Because of misplaced "good intent", bad data, bad management, greedy program managers (and don't get me started on the military industrial complex and their excesses and abused), or even a bad Zeitgeist, as with torture more recently. We got hit on 9/11 and we were angry, so HURT somebody and do it now! And, we did.

The motivation is certainly that scientists have been saying for a while that we need to do something. SOME thing. Now. And that the window for not being able to do anything, wherein something BAD would happen, is closing at an ever increasing pace.

It could slow down, it could speed up. They earth does wobble on it's axis. Things in nature aren't always progressing in a linear fashion (Remember dinosaurs? Exactly.). But if it passes a certain level (2%), we're screwed. Now that, could get a fire lit beneath certain government types. And if they have bad data, they will still act because it's their job to ACT.

The next question is, if this is true, is America doing it alone?

Sooner or later someone in charge will speak up. Someone in the government, typically ex government types as they have nothing to lose as they would were they still IN the government, are the ones we generally and finally, hear from. Someone will speak up. They always do. But when they do, will we listen, and if we do, will we believe them. Doesn't everyone always have another agenda? Actually, no, not always.

Especially with many of these ex-government types. To that, I can fully relate. When you're immersed in it all, you do what you are supposed to do, you hold you secrets as required by law until you can no longer stand it. So you leave, then you want to tell someone. But why would anyone believe you?

So, let's wait. Even though our lives could be on the line here.

Okay, that's long enough. Ex-Vice President Al Gore says use of geo-engineering to head off climate disaster is insane, as reported in the UK's Guardian newspaper. "Belief in an instant planet-wide quick-fix, such as blocking sunlight with sulphur, is delusional, US activist declares."

Oh, great. Right? That was from January 15th, 2014 by the way.

I've seen the chemtrail videos. Mostly very easily debunked. But like I said earlier, a few things are hard to explain. Like flight maintenance people wondering what nozzles on some planes were about, when there was no record of them, or need for them, to be there. Okay, could be nonsense. I don't know. See, that's just it, that's the thing about conspiracies. You don't know. It's hard to prove a negative. Until you have a positive to point at.

And that's what we're starting to see, maybe. The positives are starting to speak up.

Someone posted a video recently and I don't give maybe half of all this any credence to begin with, but once in a while there is something interesting, or someone that says something that you find hard to ignore. This is one of them.

Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014

I don't know what to think. We need to keep an open mind, though. But suddenly, I'm feeling a wee bit uneasy about all this. Remember, just because you want to believe it's nuts, or it just sounds wacky, be skeptical, in both directions until the final evidence comes in. I've also seen some UFO videos recently and either they've gotten very good now a days, or there's some very unexplained phenomena going on out there. Yes, the tech is there to fake it, but there's some very credible people coming out talking about some very interesting things in recent years.

The best thing we can do is try to be informed. Not ignorant. Open minded, critical. Rational. And when the time comes, if not sooner, vocal.

Now, if only these aliens would come down and tell us how to affect climate change properly, without killing ourselves.

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