Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sons of Anarchy producer Kurt Sutter slams show, The Devils Ride on Twitter

SOA's Kurt Sutter
I posted on FB about these "Devils Ride" guys the other day, the "reality" show, "The Devils Ride" a Discovery Channel show that follows some San Diego, Calif. "motorcycle clubs". According to insider info, it's all a set up and the opposing Motorcycle Club or MC known as SinMob, is registered under the name of the production company.

"Sons of Anarchy" producer, writer and actor, Kurt Sutter was well within his rights at commenting on "The Devils Ride", and also in ignoring a call to arms from the Laughing Devils MC on that show as well as their ex "Wonder Years" star Jason Hervey, who created the show (according to the article).

Sutter had tweeted: "Is 'Devil's Ride' still on? my thespians are harder than these b****es. don't take my word, ask any OMC in the f***ing world." He added after members of the "Devils" show responded negatively, "If your MC has agreed to become a show, you are now reality TV stars. you've traded legacy/pride for cash/fame. And you are in my circus," and, "I may have to buy all the devils chocolate valentine hearts. They're feelings are so hurt. Especially the fat one from 'The Wonder Years'.""

Yep, fully within his rights to speak up.

I have watched this season just to try and figure out what in the hell is going on there. Do I like the show? I don't know. Sometimes they are obviously acting (poorly), sometimes it appears very real. I keep watching it, but more like watching a train wreck, I can't stop. And that's what a reality show is all about. So I guess, in some way, they are successful. But will I continue once my curiosity is satisfied? That's the question.

The best I can figure is that it is a pro wrestler type show about MCs. What MC is going to allow themselves to be wired up for sound and video? If they all get thrown in jail soon, then I'll believe it's all real (or some of it anyway).

Last week the big shot local MCs showed up to tell the little MCs that they better stop bringing the heat from police through their actions toward one another. One of the "big guy" MC members outright clocked the leader of one of the smaller SinMob club and told him to get their shit together within 30 days, in their club interactions with the Laughing Devils. Or else. That wasn't a fake punch. It was a warning shot to wake him up but any Pro Wrestler or for sure, ANY UFC type fighter could have taken that blow and had a beer and a smile immediately after.

But it doesn't all fit, either. So I'm watching it next week, just because really, I don't have a clue what in the hell is going on with this show.

There's some interesting talk about the show online.

In a previous "insider" article I read and posted about elsewhere the other day (that article has been removed, which makes me think, 1 it was real, 2 I should have copied the text and not just the link), it was claimed that the member of the Laughing Devils who broke off and started their nemesis, the SinMob MC, was in trouble for child molesting his daughters after season one was over. So for season two , to protect the show he was immediately dropped from the show and now no one mentions him. Which is weird on a show like this. So something is up there, but never to be discussed again. Apparently.

I'm thinking that this new show is a hybrid, a new type of reality show. Most likely scripted, but with UFC type action at times. They are showing illegal activity, like stealing a car last night. So how can it be real? Right? It's documenting grand theft auto, literally. And as someone pointed out, how can they be using a bolt cutter on the lock on the fence when the film crew are already within the perimeter?

The "fights" aren't real biker fights from what I know about MCs going at it. It's like they're just trying to make it seem real, faux action. That is, people don't go to the hospital. Yet. And I don't mean by way of the action in the storyline, but from the "stunts", as those accidents seem to be on the rise in the reality TV realm, as the stakes get higher and higher.

This is, entertainment. But the "actors" or members, are putting themselves on the line a lot more than any actors normally would. The private stuff, like one member's situation with his wife, appears real. Is she an actress, is this real? Is it a hybrid of real and scripted? I can't find the center ground. Which in itself is intriguing. I view this all from a writer / producer's point of view. Is something new happening here? Or just something very old?

I'm an SOA fan. Between the two, I'd watch them. I'm a writer, I prefer scripted shows. There are few "actuality" shows on TV, like "Cops", one of the first. "Reality" shows are ALL at least partially scripted, or re-shot. I've been in a "reality" show myself, in a documentary many years ago before anyone was doing it. It was as real as you can get and even then, we were asked by the BBC film crew from time to time, to "just walk down the street again, normal like you just did, but we need to shoot it again because of the lighting."

I'm watching the show, for now, but I don't think it will last very long. My watching, that is. For the time being, I just want to see what the producers do with this "Devils" show.

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