Monday, September 16, 2013

Putin's letter to the American People on Syria

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On September 11th, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin sent a letter to the New York Times to directly address the American people. It is an interesting read (reading between the lines of his letter).

I do question our belief in our perceived exceptionalism now a days. There are certainly still things that make America great, but is it really what we are being led to believe it is? Or is it in something else more intrinsic to who we are and in what we can positively achieve in the world? I'm hoping, more and more it involves non-military practices.

It's high time we start redesigning our military / industrial complex, how we believe they should be used (or how we are being used by them) and in doing so, take control back from them.

The middle east is a complicated place. We need to understand that what we publicly say as a nation, is not always what we will do in the end (or so it should be). That's how it works in manipulating a situation toward more positive results. Finesse a situation. Only fools believe they have to use force all the time.

Do we need to have the "big stick" behind the talk? Does the "big stick" need to be used so often in dealing out its death and destruction all (any) of the time? When one uses that "big stick" too much, it begins to turn into another thing. It changes those who wield it and that makes that entire theory of this type of diplomacy questionable.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far," said President Roosevelt. What do you want that to mean? And what does "speak softly" really mean? I believe it means to speak civilly, intelligently, sometimes behind the scenes even, but always effectively. Backing it up with strength. The goal after all, is to not go beyond that.

We seem to have lost that understanding far too often in not applying intellect over force. How do we know that you ask? Really? Because we've been using force a lot in case you haven't noticed. And if we don't at some point stop it, then who have we really become?

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