Monday, January 14, 2013

New JZ Murdock Video Book Trailers

Last week I posted links to my two new Video Book Trailers of my writings on YouTube. There were only two then, one for Death of Heaven, and one for Anthology of Evil. I have made a longer one for each now and updated last week's post. I offer them again here along with my new ones for many of my eBook short stories and my novella, Andrew, which is a lead in to the book, Death of Heaven.

First of all, should any of these links change, you can get to their latest replacement versions and any new one on my TheJZMurdock YouTube Channel. See if I change or enhance these videos, I have to create new versions which would supercede these older versions.

From - EarVu
I now have more I would like to share with you. I hope you find them intriguing. If you would like to keep track of my channel, go to: TheJZMurdock on YouTube.

UPDATE 1/18/2013: Before I get to the fiction video book trailers (book trailer videos?), I have just created two new ones for a couple of my non-fiction articles:

Synesthesia, and the Need for More Information - Video Book Trailer
This article is free and also included in:

Some Notes on Field Theory, Albert's Mind and the Status Quo - Video Book Trailer

Okay then, here are my fiction trailers:

Anthology of Evil - Video Book Trailer

Death of Heaven - Video Book Trailer


Andrew - Video Book Trailer

Short Stories

EarVu - Video Book Trailer

Gumdrop City - Video Book Trailer

In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear - Video Book Trailer

Japheth, Ishvi and The Light - Video Book Trailer

Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer to a Question He Knever Knew - Video Book Trailer

Sarah - Video Book Trailer

Simon's Beautiful Thought - Video Book Trailer

The Mea Culpa Document of London - Video Book Trailer

I have a few others to do and I will let you all know when they are ready, too.


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