Monday, January 7, 2013

Is deluding yourself good?

Humans are very good at two things. Delusion and repetition. We tend to reproduce what we have done in the past, we have a tendency to repeat our mistakes, for instance. We don't like to admit we have screwed up, we don't like seeing what we don't want to acknowledge as real, and so we tend to delude ourselves about reality. These are both, bad things and they take control away from ourselves. We freely give up control just to avoid feeling bad. But we can use that, use what is bad, for our benefit, too.

So how do we do that? How do we control ourselves in areas where we seem to freely give up control?

It's been said that focusing is the best way to achieve a goal. Focusing and sticking with it. Exclude all else and only see one thing, your goal, however you need to do it. Trick yourself if need be. Alter your perception for what you want to focus on. In a word, delude yourself, but consciously and with purpose and intent, not just to avoid, embrace.

So instead, delude yourself and become repetitive.

Use your "God given abilities" to be somewhat OCD. You see, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, can be a good thing. Unless you actually have OCD of course, in which case you have to be very careful. OCD is not a great thing to have by a long shot. But I believe we are all susceptible to it. So, why not make use of it? To go with nature is the best way, after all, to do things.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, you of course need to adjust your diet, but you can do that and you will continue to gain or at least, to not lose weight. So you need exercise. Which it seems is most people's problem. No matter what they try they tend to not do enough proper exercise.

So, convince yourself that your one and only problem in losing weight is that you have to exercise. Now, go with that. Exercising could solve all your problems. Delude yourself, if need be. Tell yourself that you have nothing to worry about but getting in your daily exercise. That once you get a regular habit of exercising going, your money, your life and your health problems if any, will go away.

It doesn't matter that it's not true, it only matters that you convince yourself that it is. Now, what about after you lose the weight, after you get where you want to be and the only thing it has solved is, your weight?

Well honestly, you KNEW you were doing this to delude yourself, but now that you have lost the weight, you can delude yourself about your next step. Just remember and be aware that YOU have to control your delusions. You are for all intents and purposes, tricking yourself into doing what you want to do, anyway.

As for the repetition part, you have to start and repeat your exercises. You have to make it a bit of an obsession. Not that you have to do it every minute of the waking day, but you have to design a workout routine and stick to it, obsessively almost 

You should work out the same hours each day, but then doing the same exercises wears off after a while, doesn't it, and you need to change it up. Because your body is built to adapt. So even though you obsessively do the routine at the same hour each day, if and when possible, you need to alter that. So it's okay, to say, not exercise at 4 PM but instead go to a movie, as long as you exercise enough, before or after. But you have to exercise, daily.

See the danger in obsession is specificity. You have to be aware of that, of what the bigger picture is.

Get it? As I said, once you get there, then you can move on to your next issue. Just maintain, continue with your exercising. Once you achieve your desired weight, you can cut back as you don't have to work out so hard to maintain as to lose.

But don't think that your bad habits, capabilities are just simply, bad for you. Use what you have, good and bad, so that in the end, YOU achieve what YOU want to achieve.

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