Saturday, November 10, 2012

When Pot becomes Legal, why do Feds turn Fascist?

We need to stop being stupid. The President and the Feds, the DEA and others, need to grow up. Finally the will of the people is becoming known. Otherwise, why on Bill Maher's show on HBO Friday night, when he said Pot is now legal in two states, did the entire crowd break out in a huge cheer? 


Because they know that the Federal government is being fascist about a subject everyone knows they have been lying to the American people about for many decades.

We need to ask, why are the Feds so adamant about keeping Pot illegal?

Consider this....if even some people quit alcohol and smoked pot, the world would be a safer place. That, is a fact. 

The police keep talking about drivers getting high, but consider if we suddenly swapped all drunk drivers for high drivers, how many of those deaths from drunks would be converted into survivable accidents, or no accidents at all?

Then consider, if some people with anger issues did that same thing. Alcohol can drive people into rages, do you have any idea how many wives and girlfriends and children have been beaten while a guy was in an alcohol driven rage? Not to mention, the mothers who have abused their children when drunk. But if they had been stoned and not drunk, it's just a different mechanism.

Conservatives are afraid of their own shadows, so they try to turn everything like this into a fearfest. They would say things like how people who abuse their families are on pot and alcohol and harder drugs. Whatever. We're not talking about them. They are problems. But we're talking about the millions of people who are law abiding, except for liking to safely get high. So let's not muddy the waters here. That's the job of the Feds, the police, the Drug Czar, a stupid position if ever I heard of one. 

It's time to end the madness, especially now that the people have spoken. Now the Feds are going to turn rabid and fascist, unless the President does something about it, something to protect us.

Please, Mr. President, protect us. We voted for you. We have done the hard work, pushed to get you elected, pushed to legalize pot, legalize same sex marriage, and we need your help and support.

Stick up for us Mr. President! Fire your Drug Czar. Reign in the DEA. Get pot legalized at the federal level, or at least, get off our backs.

Alcohol manipulates the insulin levels. It can make you crazy. Literally. Cannabis doesn't have the same mechanism. It is not an opiate either. Feds love that fallacy.

The federal government has lied to us long and hard on this topic. Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot, whatever you want to call it, is simply not a dangerous drug. It's in the same category as caffeine, if anything. It's a drug, but a benign one. 

Alcohol has a lobby, so does tobacco. You know what is sad? We will be getting help and protection from them, and their lobbies, not the President (maybe, but it's up to you Pres. Obama), and not the Feds, not the Congress, not the DEA. But then the DEA are the rabid dogs of Congress and the President. And we need protection, from our own Government.

Look, whereas alcohol is in a similar category to cocaine. Think about it. I don't know if you've ever taken cocaine, but I'm sure you know of it's affects. It numbs you out. So does alcohol. It can drive you into a hyper excitable state, so can alcohol. It can massively decrease your motor skills, so can alcohol. If you take enough cocaine, you can die, same with alcohol. But not pot.

I've known people who quit drinking and started getting high instead and they were completely different people to be around, so much more pleasant and enjoyable as people. Fun to be with, which before, I never wanted to even be in the same house with them.

It's easy to point out negative issues but we have to consider the positive ones now that eighteen states have legal medical marijuana laws and two states have outright legalizes it for recreational use. We now need to see how we can benefit from this change as a state and a nation. Also, we will not be removing these profits from drug cartels, something where that alone is a huge thing as they use pot profits to fund some of their cocaine efforts.

We are at a point where we now have to ask ourselves, why would the Federal government continue to fight against the people's will. Who, is working for whom here? 

Let me tell you. The federal government works for the citizens of the United States. They need to fall in line and start doing what they are told. 

A prosecutor in Washington has just dropped hundreds of marijuana charges for hundreds of individuals. Why? Because he said, it was the will of the people and it makes NO SENSE to go on with this.

That, is a government official. One who realizes he is paid by the people, and is not the boss of the people, not the Drug Czar, but the servant of the citizens. He is only another citizen, doing the will of the people and following the law. When the states start to see reality before the federal government, when the Feds should have seen this first, they should have acted on this first, the Feds should be the leaders, not the states, the Feds need to fall in line and do the will of the people. Not the complainers, not the people who are the vocal minority, but the government is there to protect the minority too. When there is a travesty perpetrated upon people, as the Pot laws have done now for generations, who is to protect us?

Not the Feds, apparently.

Here's the President's chance to really be a leader, on a topic people don't think is worth the time. But there are thousands of people in prison who do think it would be worth it, and millions of us out here who agree with them. And don't want to join them. 

Come on Mr. President. You got high in college. Give all the rest of us the legal right to do so. OR at least get out of the way and let us lead, at the state levels.

It's your Call Mr. President.

Fareed Zararia, always a level headed journalist how tells it how it is, on his GPS show today said that Colorado and Washington states, in voting in the legalization of Marijuana for recreational purposes, has MARKED THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE WAR ON DRUGS, a War many see as a war on minorities and American citizens. 

"This may be the most costly, distorting and futile war the United States

has ever waged. In just four decades we have spent $1 Trillion to fight this war without reducing the availability of drugs in cities, while also destroying our penal system. The US has more than 3x's as many prisoners per capita as we had in 1980, and about ten times as many prisoners per capita as other rich countries; according to data from the OECD.

"About 1.6 million American who were arrested in 2010 on drug charges, most for using Marijuana. This week's votes indicate that Americans have begun rethinking these policies; perhaps moving towards ones that would deprive drug cartels, their huge profits, and allow our police to focus on serious crime."

America is ready for an answer. Will our government finally act the adult to do the FORWARD thinking thing?

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