Friday, November 9, 2012

Two Free Short Horror JZ Murdock ebooks!

Free November 9th in UK and US.
My two newest horror stories online as singles.
Gumdrop City
JZ Murdock
Based on a true crime event, a widowed (now drinking) father contemplates the strange neighbor everyone is wary of… as well as his young daughter’s whereabouts.
Japheth, Ishvi and The Light
JZ Murdock
Unknown to them, plummeting to the Earth as terrifying pillars of light from the skies, is the Zombie Apocalypse as it burns into the grounds around a religious commune’s farm; throw in some devastating confusion; a splitting migraine; a squad of special Decon soldiers; God himself; and well, there you pretty much have the making of let’s say, a religious experience.
Cover art by the incredible Marvin Hayes. He has been doing some interesting works on the side. On he has been selling well in the area of covers for things like ipods, ipads and iphones. He recently did one for my EarVu story that has been doing well and it's an awesome graphic.
I submitted these to Indies Unlimited for their Freebie Fridays promotion. They didn't pick up my ebooks for this promotional today, this time. However they have been kind enough to do so in the past and interviewed me, and written an article or two about me on there, and you can get free ebooks there today, so, I'm promoting them here. 
Give them a look as there will be other Author's free ebooks available.
Have fun.

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