Friday, November 2, 2012

Heavyweight Republicans Now Endorse Barack Obama

Guess what? Some serious heavyweight Republicans are very Pro President Obama this week and some are decrying Mitt Romney.

A Republican, Colin Powell, a man I respect so much that were he to have said that I should vote for Mitt Romney, I would have had to give serious consideration to changing my opinion, has endorsed President Obama. He endorsed him for the 2008 election but it wasn't going to be that close then, and I think many voted for our current President because either he is obviously educated, and was African American. If he'd been a woman, it might have been the same thing. After all, when the passion is up, how do we pass up doing something so historical when it could have happened, to vote in a first in politics, in America like that?

Now Michael Bloomberg, a one time Republican and now Independent, and Mayor of New York City, who wasn't going to endorse anyone, has now endorsed the President big time and pointed out how Mitt Romney simply will not give us the leadership this country will be needing these next four years.

Republican Governor Chris Christie who had been a banner boy for Mitt Romney up to this point, who was the key note speaker at the Republican convention, is also singing the praises of President Obama, very much to the GOP's consternation.

Essentially what has happened is this: Nature, has taken a very large gun and pointed it right at the heads of the Mayor of New York and the Governor of New Jersey and others, and they finally had to face the fact that President Obama was the only one of our two presidential candidates who has pushed for climate change controls and the need that we have to do something, proactively, about it. Whatever that may be.

And where Governor Romney has made fun of climate change and it's associated dangers which we've seen a stark example of with the superstorm Sandy (do YOU remember ever before hearing about a "SUPER" Storm?), and said that he would see to it that Americans are taken care of, though not the polar icecaps. Insert laugh here and guess what now Mr. Romney? It's really not very funny to an awful lot of America. I certainly don't think it's funny. I have a lot of my own family in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I've sent of my Red Cross donation of money (please see my previous blog post about donating), something far more important than donating food and clothing locally right now.

As we have seen this week, thirty million Americans out of power, many now homeless, many dead, in order for our President to take care of Americans from here on, he will have lead, to deal proactively with these terrifying new climate change issues. Whether that is to be by dealing with carbon emissions, green energy, or fixing our infrastructure, our levies, our protections from the ocean and the elements, Mitt Romney has stated repeatedly that he is not the man for the job.

Just remember that when you vote this year.

Also, remember this weekend to roll back your clocks, but don't roll back this country next week, come election day.

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