Thursday, January 12, 2012

Words are our greatest magic

Speak out. Speak intelligently. Think of others, not just yourself. Our government now seems to be run by only the fearful, the greedy (yes, possibly you), the selfish, those of limited vision even when they think they are looking to the future. What future? It is their future. Not our future.

Police beating on the elderly, on women and children, on educators and the spiritual in public demonstrations (what are you so afraid of?).

Arresting people for "public dancing" (really?).

In the final Harry Potter movie (Yes, I'm invoking HP), Prof. Dumbledore say (and how would he feel about all this):

"Words are in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."'

When we as Humans first developed the use of language, it was the most potent magic we had. One word wrongly used, could get you killed; in many ways, for many reasons.

As we've evolved, we have formed new ways to deliver words, some divorced from us in time and space (recordings, writings, etc.). We have infused our language, we have created multiple languages, and learned more than one. We have created lexicons pertaining only to one thing. In a word, we have diluted the magic of our words to the point that the odd example only seems to be truly effective unless you are a wordsmith and can turn an effective phrase at will.

But there is a good chance that what we have done, has again evolved and that we are in the middle, between the old and the new; perchance one day, words will again have magic, and more than we could ever have concieved of. Physics even supports this.

In rotating certain elements that exist in pairs, by rotating one, it forces its mate, that could be anywhere, any distance away in the universe, to replicate its actions at the same, the very same moment. That includes elements in the brain. It's, "magic" and lends itself to the possibility that true magic is possible. There is even a contention in physics that in all possible dimensions of this one, in another, somewhere else, physics there could be very different than what we know. Perhaps, "magic" is possible in one of them. The old monkey and a typewriter hyposthesis.

It is a consideration that could drive the Role Playing Gamers a little mad with desire, or frustration.

When you consider how one can merely say a few words, or a single word and evoke a response, it;s a kind of magic all of its own. It really is kind of amazing. When you read a really well crafted novel, or a news article, or watch a movie, or a documentary; when you consider the response it can evoke, it really is pretty amazing, don't you think? That without touching something, you can make something happen.

We all have our consciousness raised, hopefully, and thankfully, from one point in our lives to another. Words need to be our magic, we need to share those words. We need all the magic we can get.

Look around the country at the nonsense that is happening. Look who has taken over our government: the ignorant, the cowardly, those fearful of immigrants, losing their money, fear of what? Where are the heroes and the free and brave?

Why does this always degenerate into politics? Hmmm.....

But to not speak out? That is to hide the magic we have at our disposal.

I think we all need to speak out, and the more the better. Hiding in the dark is what those who want to abuse power are hoping for. The Dark Lords, if you will. The Mitt Romney's, the Newt Gingrich's. Possibly, the Barack's.

Remember, the more you hide, well, the more you hide.

Remember about how the governement should fear the people, not the people fear their government. That doesn't happen by hiding. It doesn't mean you have to march in the streets (but please, feel free to do so). It means you have to speak out, change opinion, enlighten, educate, open minds.

Sometimes, grassroots thoughts, just telling what you believe, makes another feel stronger, so that they then tell someone else and, the more who share their thoughts, the better. It's what Hollywood did in the 50's in speaking out through film so that the idiots and conservatives, the fear mongerers, who were too damn stupid to understand, who couldn't see what was right before them, let it pass; and so it shaped the 60s, allowed it to happen. The more you constrict, the more you set up the next expanse. So, in a way, I'm not too panicked. But to see what is happening around us, is scary. 

So don't, NOT speak out. Conversely, speak out as much as possible and in ways that are both clever and decisive. Abandoning the country (you ex pats), hiding your beliefs (let them be the fearful, not you, not us), isn't the bravest way to go about things; it's just the most comfortable. We have been comfortable. Look where it's gotten us. And if you think this, is good, that you've achieved something positive, then you are part of the problem.

Look how well speaking out has worked for those ignorant people, those conservatives, religious types who have subverted our government into the morass of problems we now have. It worked for them. Didn't it?
Years ago, someone in the Christian right realized, "Hey, if we band together, our tiny foolish voices can have an impact, we can change our nation, we can subvert how things are going. Even though we're the minority, we can be thne vocal minority and people will start to think we're the majority, even though we know, we're not."

And they were right, to the decimation of our freedoms. To the propagation of the George W's, the Newts, the flora and fauna of the demise of a great nation.

They meant well, surely they did, in their tiny minds. But they have nearly destroyed a great nation. But not yet. In doing what they have done they have not only achieved their goals in limiting the freedoms of the liberals, the libertines, the progressives, but as always happens, which they didn't seem to get, they are limiting their own freedoms. And it will (and is) coming back to bite them. Foolish, short sited people. Stupid fat little hobbitses.
Religion does as it always does, it holds us to the past, to the limitations, to the small thinking, to the desires of a God understood or created back during a time when eveything really was fearful and limited.

And what do we have now?

A limited bully country, steeped in fear, conservatisim. Is conservatism bad? No, of course not. Not unless it is taking blinding ourselves to its extremes, as we have done. Conservatism doesn't mean, closed mindedness. But it has however, become that.

"Our goal, at all costs". It is fundementalism in its worst form. We might as well become the old Communists of the Soviet Union. Have we bceome, are we becoming, what we have destroyed? And in destroying them, taken on what we have had to learn to be rid of?

Sometimes, it feels like it.

But there is magic in our words. Evoke the magic. Big things come in small ways. Share your thoughts. Allow intelligence to rule. Speak your mind but speak intelligently, use words in an intelligent manner, for the best possible future for all Humankind.

Think, then speak. But speak. The more you think first, the more power your words will have. For therein lay the magic.


  1. The government watches you..

  2. I'm quite aware of that. To an indepth degree. :)