Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ronnie Butler Jr. video

Talent Alert! On the lighter side of things... well sort of, I mean, what Ronnie is singing about, hmmm, I suppose it's kind of got a dark side to it, but in a very cool, very interesting and entertaining way. What am I talking about?
Okay, Courtney (Zito) had recently said, "Check this guy out, he's a friend of mine, Ronnie Butler."

I trust her opinion. So, I did. I checked him out.
Is that sexy cute, or what?
Courtney is a film actress who also produces the very funny and entertaining, "Hollywood Girl." I've talked about her and that project before, producing her own web series much in the vein of Felicia Day with "The Guild" web series that she produces. One stop shopping kinds of ladies: writer, actor, producer. I like them. Attractive, artistic, funny, interesting... there are some very talented people out there on the web.

So I was pleased to find another talent I had yet to hear of. Granted, he doesn't really have that really good looking girl thing going for him, so he'd better have something special. Oooo, I think he does.

So, who?

Ronnie Butler Jr. Courtney had said to check out his video so I did. I told him I really liked it and he said thanks. Seemed like a very likeable, interesting, clever guy.

It's a very well done, entertining video. I liked it, I liked this guy and his attitude. The song is: "The Photographs of Your Junk (will be publicized!)". Funny, accurate, true, to the point.

He takes the word "junk" and squeezes all the meaning he can out of it, turning it into something very poignant and aware. Our life really has morphed into something beyond, perhaps out of, our control and his music video exemplifies this eloquently and with humor. So, check it out and see if I'm not right about this.

And if you liked that one, try this one: Obama! A Modern U.S. President (Musical Spoof). The byline says: "What happens when the President is accused of not living up to the country's expectations? He breaks into song!!"

That is really well done. It made me smile. We need more of this kind of thing, if you ask me. Enjoy. Let Ronnie know, too, that you liked it (if you did, and how could you not?).

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