Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's it like, turning out a blog a day?

I've done what many have done, read an article and then complained about it. That's so stupid. He's such an idiot. How'd he come up with THAT? What kind of a jackass is she, anyway? What Was she thinking?

I can say now from experience, its hard to turn out a quality piece on a daily basis. And so, I'm adjusting to weekends off. I have a job. I have a second job. I have studies and book readings and research to do. I have kids. Okay, one has moved out now.

But its a full time job and then some. Therefore, you have limited time to get everything done in your life, and turn out an article on a daily basis. If it were my only job, I suspect, it would be easier, but then, that would be suspect. Either way, I certainly now have a greater appreciation of the fortitude it takes and the effort required, to pull it all together and turn out a quality piece of work on a daily basis.

On the other hand, it is a drive. A lark. A serious qualm and a pandemonium.
Though I do like it and it can be fulfilling. Although I do have a screenplay to get done.

So, I'm taking weekends off from now on. That okay with you?

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