Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is Pot dangerous? Or just not taxed?

The above video, has some interesting information in it on pot (marijuana, hemp, weed, grass, whatever you call it):

I looked up some of the information referred to in it and it seems to be accurate. I haven't had time to look up all the information in it yet, but it does give food for thought.

Its a fact that much of the nonsense we've been told over the years about things has been incorrect, or worst case, lies. It has been either damaging to the citizenry (Cigarettes) or abusive (hemp). Like the "N" word for African Americans, we should stop calling hemp, Marijuana, because it invokes the poor information, the abuse of political and legal powers that have been perpetrated upon the American people for decades, in fact, since around the 1920-30's.

Its a no brainer that pot should be legal. The government is afraid to do that because of opening Pandora's Box. But they really need to have some balls and just do what is right. Look at all the people in prison, over pot charges. Look at how it would strip the Mexican cartels of power on the lower level drug situation. Look at all the money we'd save on tracking down pot busts.

Consider how if pot use is anything, as has been said by the US Surgeon General in the past, it is a medical health problem, NOT a legal problem. Taxing pot, not paying billions to criminalize it, look at the disparity between those two concepts. Consider our budgetary state of affairs.

Some great things are happening, because America is broke. We are pushing people into telecommuting, something good for everyone. Its better for the American family, mom and dad can be home more. Its saving our infrastructure, our roads and highways; its leading to beefing up our internet high ways. Causing us to rethink our high healthcare costs. And it may lead us into legalizing pot; shoring up our budgets with taxes from legal pot sales. Its not just about sick people NEEDING to smoke pot; its about recreational use. Its our right, as American citizens, to have the government back off. In many areas, pot being only the tip of the iceberg.

Think about it.

Tomorrow: Does the US need more spies?

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