Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP's Gulf of Mexico Environmental Donation - The BP Oil Spill Fiasco

I've tried to avoid this one. I hate speaking on something I don't know much about. No, truly. Its the Truth!

I did hear something this week, though. BP said that they will pay, "all "legitimate" claims". First, what in the Hell is a "legitimate" claim? Sounds reasonable on the surface, but that is what thier spin doctors are paid to do, generage rational sounding statements so you don't think/look beyond the surface meaning. Even if they are being above board, even if they pay more than they need to, there will still be those "gray area" types of claims. There always are.

So what about after that? The US government has said that people won't be held in the lurch after that. I took that to mean that once BP stops paying, or for the people they claim to not be "legitimate", the government will step in and take care of it.

All I wanted to do here was to agree with that.

After all, the US government thought all this was OK. They even thought we should do more off shore drilling. Note Govenator Arnold, also note his back peddling. Therefore, were there to be an accident (oh no, wait, there was!), then the US Gov payout department, should indeed be backup for payments for BP. But once the US Gov starts considering THAT idea, they are smart, I think, they will start to realize that means they could be paying BP's ethic financial responsibilities. So how do they feel about that. Seems unreal doesn't it, its happening all over again. Katrina, without the act of God.

Still, all seems real to me.

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