Friday, May 28, 2010

BP Oil Spill - The Nuclear Option

I read this today, from Susan Deily-Swearingen (Educator, Writer and Mother) in the Huffington Post, "One solution that is getting increased attention on the web and in the European press is the terrifying sounding nuclear option which, essentially, would detonate a nuclear bomb underground near the oil well shaft."

This is all over the media now. I wonder what size they would be talking here? The size of bomb that took out Hiroshima? The Bikini Island? What about instead of a 4 kiloton bomb, a 4 kilogram bomb? Or just big enough to melt the damn thing closed?

The problem with what they are doing now is if they go too fast, we can see sixteen separate leaks rather than one. Does anyone really think they are going to be able to stop this? If they fail now, they will have to wait till August to dump cement into it and that may fail.

Perhaps as in the Chernobal accident we need the military to handle it. God knows how they will resolve it, though; but they are good at ending conflicts and this oil in the ocean is one of the largest conflict we've ever seen. Its like we decided to fly a plane for the first time with everyone on board, but never considered how to land it. I would argue to call for a stop to all deep sea oil drilling until they have a handle on how to deal with this possibility.

Think they'd come up with a quick answer then?

Hey, its just a thought.

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