Monday, May 20, 2019

Legal Assassinations?

I'm beginning to wonder if we shouldn't legalize Presidential assassinations. IF we EVER have a president for longer than two four year terms and thus the agent of American realignment reaping a medal as well as financial rewards. I would suggest a military coup, but that never seems to go well and is unquestionably illegal.

Let me just mention we don't assassinate leaders of foreign counties. Though with some like JFK apparently, we do domestically. Allegedly. Regarding foreign leaders, the thought is that if we do it to them, they'd do it to us, so...stalemate. It's hard enough as it is for the Secret Service to protect the standing POTUS from not anymore our own domestic nuts, but actually decent people wishing to have a decent president once (or ever) again.

I do not believe in capital punishment, murder by State or otherwise, typically Although I will agree that there are some who have no useful potential for humanity and should be put down like a dog and with prejudice.

No, I'm not talking about the charlatan and criminal "First Citizen" Donald Trump, but rather some serial killers. And there's really only a few like that. There are allegedly around 300 serial murderers active in America at any one time. Even Charles Mason does not qualify in my book. He's just a nutcase.

You really have no idea what's out there. Yet, Trump is giving us an insight into one foe we never knew about and now wish we still didn't, but ...we need to.

IF Trump lasts longer than a single term, which he shouldn't, but if he lasts longer than two terms as POTUS, which again he shouldn't, however IF enough of America still delusionally and ignorantly, and stupidly somehow allows someone like Trump more than the legal maximum of two presidential terms, merely in order to keep us from being the banana republican Trump so dearly wants us to be and desires for us in order to allow him dictator (or king) status along with his childish dictatorial pleasures of near Godhood, he will then have to be removed from office, literally... by any means possible.

Hopefully, this will not become an issue. But IF we did that, we'd definitely need to act. China just made their own president "king" for life. Which I'm told he can still be removed if he acts up. But doing such a thing, elevating a personality cult in such a way, is ludicrous at the head of any nation.

Look, personality cults, and nationalism are to be avoided at all costs.

Now I'm NOT calling for this now. I'm facing and responding to a potential dire reality in our near future. One that needs to be addressed so we avoid this necessity hopefully by Congressional decrees and legally passed laws.

Simply retiring someone like Trump, someone with that kind of money, Klout, power, will not be enough. Like the Mafia boss who rules from within his lifetime prison sentence, better for America and this planet if he is eliminated.

Potentially I suppose, Trump could go to a CIA black site. Forever. It's really what he deserves.

Look at our prime and best example in all this. Vladimir Putin. How's getting rid of him working out for Russia? He keeps coming back like a bad case of National (international) herpes!

Could you IMAGINE nineteen years of a Donald Trump? Those poor people in Russia? And Putin is far more functional than Trump. But also a far more functional criminal and essentially, murderer.

We do not WANT that in America (though you could argue Trump is our version). It is anathema to our existence, to our foundation, to the desires of the Founding Fathers' intentions in making America. Our "Great Experiment" is being seriously tested and I hope NOT, failing.

Anyway, assassination in that contest is not criminal under those circumstances. It's more like State sanctioned murder which we have now and politely call it, capital punishment. We also have State sanctioned murder in war, we just don't call it that because it makes people feel bad, citizens won't support murder much, and it makes the soldiers in the field feel bad.

Even though they frequently know quite well they are murderers and come home with PTS from it. Aside from all the other reasonable reasons they end up with that perfectly natural and normal response to trauma. Unless it gets pushed over the type and does become a permanent disorder.

Anyway, THAT would be patriotic. Not nationalistic. And would need to be passed... legally, by Congressional demand. More than eight years of the holding presidential office? It goes instantly to the SEALs perhaps, to end that reign. Or I suppose Russian would be perfectly happy to poison the guy with polonium. They, Putin, do love their radioactive poisons.

But, this is not a Constitutional crisis. We have a Constitution for that purpose. This is a moral crisis where Trump supporters simply cannot see past their hand on a ballot and so, they will be the death of us. If we are not prudent and productive for the welfare of all. Including them.

Now, let's see how long this lasts online.

This is an idea we could franchise.

To Russia with good old boy and faux Republican himself, Vlady Putin.

And maybe elsewhere. Assad comes to mind. Some guy in Saudi Arabia comes to mind. I'm sure we won't run out of candidates.

Citizens finally freeing themselves from some real rat bastards!

Or, we can just get back to facing reality, believing in things like science and facts, put away our childish things like religions and bigotry and racism and abusing others for our own satiation, and act like modern adult Americans.

It's all really up to you. All of you. All of US.

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