Monday, January 8, 2018

What Exactly Is Full And What Does This Teach Us?

Take a container.

Place three rocks in it large enough only to fill it.
Is it full now?  Yes.

Yet fill it now with sand.
Is it full now? Yes.

Yet, fill it now with water.
Is it full now? Yes.

What have we learned?
Jar of Life example
Take a container.
It is already full. Most likely of air.

Fill it with three large rocks.
It is full now, of air, but also now of rocks.

Fill it with sand.
It is now full of air and rocks and tiny rocks.

Fill it with water.
It is now full of water and rocks.

What have we learned? 

We have learned if we filled it with small rocks first, the big rocks wouldn't fit.
If we filled it first with water, adding the others would displace most of the water.

We learned that if we fill it in the wrong order, we cannot fill in all the things we can if we were to fill it in the most correct or most functional order.

We learned if we do the most obvious thing first, we very likely will fail.

We learned if we take the time to think, we can save time and potentially lost resources.

We learned we need to think in more ways ot modes than one.

We learned that sometimes we need to "think outside the box."

We learned that we cannot simply think in our normal, automated, linear fashion all the time.

We learned we need to be prepared for when we need to go off auto-drive and into multiple modes of consideration.

We learned we are not taught that well in our current educational system.

We learned we need to be prepared when we least expect it.

We learned.

Educating the world is what will save it.

We need to respect what should be respected and replace what should not be, with what should be.

We need to respect education.
We need to respect the educated.
We need to respect those who respect intelligence, education and those who support them.

We need to be honest.
We also need to have compassion, to know love for others.
Especially those we do not understand easily.

We need to respect Truth. Not lies because they can benefit us.
We need to respect Facts. Not lies because they can benefit us.
We need to respect the honest. Not the dishonest merely because they can benefit us.

It is harder for one to be honest all the time.
It requires more effort.
It builds more intelligence.
It builds more character, good character.

We need to respect teachers.

We need to respect those who try to achieve higher learning both for themselves and for others and not denigrate any them for trying or because we have not.

We need to learn.
We need to respect.
We need always to try to be more than we are and do it in the right ways.

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