Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Believe in Us Not Profit at all Costs

This, is good news. Automation, means humanity has more leisure time to pursue things like the arts, bettering oneself, bettering families, bettering humanity, lending aid in volunteering, and so on. We should be headed to four day work weeks, six hour days, not ever longer hours and weeks.

We are being lied to and have been for so long we can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then we are told we are the fault. We have been actively and consciously maneuvered into this position. A position where we see no way out. Even our good leaders can no longer see this anymore. Many of them too have bought into the foolishness we've been led into.

I read about where we should be heading and where we should be now, as a child in science fiction  books. Books written by the masters of futurism, science and speculative fiction. We were warned. Warned by books like 1984 and Brave New World and others.

The issue isn't that of immigrants or robots or automation are taking our jobs.

The issue is our leaders did not seem to know this was happening, what was coming down upon us, and where our future was heading. Because too many of them simply do not study the past. They can therefore, do little about considering out future.

They only seem to care about the present, about capitalism, about profit, about power for themselves, their tribe, their oligarchs and corporate masters.

Why is everything so broken?

As I've said now for decades, our priorities are simply wrong. Pure and simple.

If we had been working toward these aforementioned things rather than being so focused with tunnel vision on profit for stockholders, corporations and the wealthy, none of this would be an issue now.

We would and should be hands down the moral and humane leaders of the world. Yet, we are not.

The profit takers, the Trumps of the country and of the planet have taken over and convinced us there is no recourse... other than theirs. Too many of us are too ignorant or too stupid to believe otherwise.

That puts Putin firmly in the lead as the world's greatest profit taker, fiscal and moral rapist of his own country. While Trump mimics his beloved efforts here and just as the rest of the world's leaders seem to be following suit.

That's why there are so many Russian connections with the Trump family and administration.

#realDonaldTrump, #Putin and his #POTUS, out country's #GOP, the broken zombified #Republican party of big business, they are all focused on wealth and for only the few.

We are all in the movie #GetOut and we... are the new guy.

We need to win. To expose. To decimate bad priorities. To take over. To take control of our lives. To remove those who have so damaged us. To change our priorities to those most suitable to not just us, not just our tribe, our only nation, only our profit structure.

But for OUR entire human race. We do that, or we are doomed. But that is not just a depressive and pathetic end to our existence.

Hope. Effort. A refusal to be beaten down any further. It is in our hands. And we are seeing it happen. So many women are starting to run for office. People who were very recently of the mind that there was no hope. We had no say. Are now saying, yes we do have hope! Yes, we can have a say.

We are seeing a paradigm shift unlike we have seen in decades.

And it's just in time.

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