Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Special Post: US Government UFO Program Sightings

Hopefully this fascinating news release isn't just another #realDonaldTrump / #GOP distraction, cuz the timing is amazing.

The most important thing this former government official says in this interview about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is:

"A lot of times when we don't have information we tend to fill in those gaps with what we think is logical. And there's still by the way, a lot we really don't know."

And that, is how we get conservatives, Republicans, and nutty conspiracy theorists.

Just become it seems like it could be something has little bearing on what it actually is. In studying espionage over the years, and that is a good example of UFO studies, you see things that aren't there, and you don't see things that are there. Also, viewing in hindsight is very different from viewing in foresight, or actual eye witness accounts supported by facts (remember facts? I so miss facts in public discourse).

What we have discovered in #UFO sightings, that is, and listen to how he describes in an intelligent way, what he is discussing, it is left open for other unconsidered possibilities, many of them benign.

Aside from weather balloons, swamp gas, or aliens (extraterrestrials), our own experimental aircraft and drones (which have been sighted and labeled UFOs), we could be seeing natural phenomena explained by physics dealing with little known natural phenomena (interdimensional coalingments), rather than aliens from other planets, it could be us, from our own future, it could be others stepping through into this universe (so pan dimensional, not extraterrestrial), other things, or things we haven't even considered, thought of or known about.

Yes, it could be extraterrestrials. But we've remained too focused on that as an answer due to our own, especially public mindset.

IS someone visiting us and why? Perhaps they have monitored our insanity at putting Trump in office as president and they finally decided we really needed to be saved from ourselves.

Or perhaps it is exactly what some people fear. IS it yet another distraction from Trump, from government officials distracting from Trump and Republicans, or somehow from Russia interference to distract us yet again? Odd coincidence of timeframe.

The point here is, don't be so closed minded. Zanshen, total awareness, and not closed minded considerations. Some conspiracy types think how they don't want to look stupid because they don't "see" what is "really" going on. When that is typically exactly what they do.

And if it IS just aliens? So far, they don't seem to be interested in contacting us overtly. They haven't taken us over (unless they are running the Republican party (a group pretty alien and apparently anti Human after all). Yes, I jest (somewhat) about Republicans and even some conservatives (not so much about Trump, nothing like letting an idiot lead).

Anyway, try not to be stupid in trying to be "smart".

And also, this...and this from a Navy pilot.

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