Monday, November 27, 2017

Finally. Purpleism defined

Purpleism? You don't know what, "Purpleism" is? I've talked about it before on here, but today is to show progression.

But Really? Never heard of it, huh? Never heard of the Church of the Pure Purple?

No memory of "The Religion Purple", Purpleism, huh?

Well, your loss, I suppose.

Basically, if you have generally accepted pet peeves in an area of entertainment or, discipline of endeavor (that we care about), Purpleism may be for you. It is an absurdist (faux) "religion". Religions have abused us for so long, we thought it time, in the same vein perhaps as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the far better than the more ridiculous "religion" of.... Scientology (the most ridiculous religion ever and needs judicial actions as other countries have banned it, and to lose its official standing as religion in America), and others.

The  as of October 1st, 2011, has a definition of Purpleism. Wikipedia not so much.

Purpleism also has a theme song by the great Gypsey Punk band, Gogol Bordellow, of course, called, "Start Wearing Purple".

Purpleism was started by two disenfranchised individuals in the Pacific NorthWest of the United States of America. Where else could it have started? Home of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix and so much creativity it's unreal. The web page is hosted on which is the "Journal of ExtraOrdinary Diversions, a web site that has been online since 1995 and was born of an attempt in the 1980s to create a magazine of the same name for the purpose of displaying some of the NorthWest's writing talents (no poetry was allowed, but experimentation was greatly appreciated). Purpleism is definitley an ExtraOrdinary Diversion.

The High Holy Leader is a Mystery, but it is known he is one of The Two. The "Other" is known as "Nik, the Most High Adjudicator".

Purpleism was born of irritation one night when two guys, a father and son, were watching a TV show and the commercials were out of hand, the hacking up of the show was ridiculous. Ends of shows have been cut, compressed, the credits are shrunk till you can't read them, ads display across the bottom of he screen while you are watching a show. It's embarrassing.

Channels like the IFC, the Independent Film Channel tout themselves as independent but aren't much more now than a lame commercial channel, with commercials showing lame shows that aren't anymore independent or creative than Channels on Broadcast.

Finally that night, it couldn't be taken anymore and the absudist pseudo Religion "Purpleism" was born. It was a reaction against Wall Street, banal management by Film, TV and the Music Industry, who frankly, have gotten what they deserved.

It's purpose to to draw attention to the reaction against what has been done on producing and displaying the Art of our culture. To have a platform from which to respond to how we feel about being abused by too many commercials during TV shows. To react against the poor content being shoved down our throats. The bastardization of our films in their being cut up, altered, shortened, compressed, and even cut off, sometimes by the creator themself, the director, the worst of all abuses where a Director abuses us through abusing their own product.

And that lead into other things, from a mutilated movie on a cable channel (Syfy), to other areas. It was then realized that there was a common chord here that ran through all of our culture. There are things that annoy and downright piss people off and they have no where to turn, no format wherein their complaints can be treated with concern by those who are doing the abusing. It is still small, but growing. Check it out.

So, what exactly is Purpleism?

The easiest way to explain it is simply to show some of the Manifestos and Tenets of the Religion that is always growing, always evolving:

Purpleism has Manifestos on:
The Tenets:
  • Those who cannot understand will see the following as, a single Truth. Know that the Universe, has no single Truth.
  • Be careful, for all ye who can actually hear the Truth, become instant converts! Peace.
  • Of all the colors in the universe Purple is the most divine.
  • The Color Purple is not just the color of Royalty.
  • Ask yourself: Is it Why, or How?
  • What makes the color Purple so heavenly?
  • "The Religion Purple", or "Purpleism" is constituted of those Believers who accept the reality of The Color
  • Communication of the Universal Ethers is also known as The Color Purple.
  • The Religion Purple Priests are never taller than 2 universal cubits and 2 palms (or for US Standard, 3'6") because that puts their eyes at precisely the right point to be able to see clearly, The Color Purple, as it is most visible at that height off any horizontally planed surface. Think the Star Wars critters called Jawas, in the robe (above) that is purple without the bandoleers. They must wear robes of heavy dark materials that are breathable (natural fibers being preferred) and have hoods to block light, enabling them to see more clearly, The Color Purple, as ever it portends itself.
  • Purpleism is most notable near Universities.
  • Purpleism is greatly discussed with in the inner cities, the most uselessly notable adherents are from the upper echelon circles of the rather well off; that subset of the young and hopelessly bored social strata who simply will never, "get it"; and therefore, we will never give it to them.
  • As there can be no nothing, something must exist. Therefore, the concept of God is a non-sequiter.
  • There is no Inner Circle in Purpleism.
  • There is however, a Coherent Beam of individuals in Purpleism, made up of the most enlightened and bright lights. These are only assimilated into the Beam, through their lights brightly shining which can be seen by any of the Priests and are allowed in only by invitation.
Why all these weird rules and stipulations? Isn't that what makes a religion? Only this one, has some stuff mentioned that we care about. It seems to have some relevancy to daily life. Stuff like that.

And that is Purpleism.

Learn it, live it, love it.

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