Monday, December 5, 2016

We need to Legalize Cannabis NOW!

I'm so sick of hearing about Trump lately. Yes, he's a carbuncle on the American political system, as are the misguided misinformed beliefs of those who put him in office. Not to mention the efforts of another country (Russia) to see him in office as well as any one apparently who voted for him, not seeming to care about any of that that at all. But let's put that aside for the moment for something else immediate and ignored.

Now for something truly relevant that extends into so much of our culture and economy. We waste far too much time, energy, resources, and money in literally ruining people's lives and that of their extended family and our culture. We waste police resources, jail space and clogged the judicial system for no apparent reason and for issues that are proven to be better treated through healthcare resources.

We are shooting ourselves in the foot over and over because of our stubborn refusal to update our outdated beliefs and ideals, which I might add, were wrong to begin with. Not to mention, were originally based in racism as well as a carryover from alcohol prohibition..

For those who are anti weed, anti Cannabis, pot, grass, the racist term Marijuana, or whatever you wish to call it...really people, just stop talking.

Just, stop. Don't talk. Learn.

You are welcome to talk once again after you either watch BookTVs episode on C-SPAN2 with the author, journalist Joe Dolce, former Editor-in-chief of Details magazine as he talks about the current situation. Or you buy and read the book, Brave New Weed Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis.

We need Cannabis immediately removed from the abusive Schedule 1 status. Abuse to pot, abusive to Americans, and worst of all, worst to those who need it medically and otherwise.

As Dolce points out, because it's a Schedule 1 drug only the NSA can easily research it and their agenda is to find what is bad about it. Israel for decades has been doing the leading positive research on it. And as one caretaker at one assisted living home in Israel put it, before weed started being used to enhance the quality of the lives of those living there, she was on the way out the door because no other drugs do as good a job.

But in America, weed is evil and demonized. Makes you wonder, how stupid are people? Because if they aren't stupid, how do you explain this almost religious negativity against it?

The Wall Street Journal recently blushed an article about the downside of legalization which to be honest, didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. Other than as click bate, which is starting to seem like that is what most of journalism is anymore.

Truth be damned, get us clicks at all costs!

This article is little more than disingenuous fear mongering. I don't doubt that the facts stated are real. But if you suddenly legalized (again?) alcohol, the stats would be far, FAR worse I'm sure.

As for the shaving off IQ points off teens who smoke weed as mentioned in the article, the alternative were it alcohol would be to shave off lives at those rates. I agree teens shouldn't smoke pot, not till they are 25 is my understanding, but good luck with that, as well has limiting them on alcohol. Anyway, it's false equivalency.

Which makes me wonder, was the so called journalist Allysia Finley who wrote this piece a conservative (she is after all a Fox News contributor)? Or is she just stupid? Or did her editor talk her into writing it?

We need to stop closing our eyes and labeling the demon cannabis and as evil and start labeling those who are against legalizing it as the ones who are actually, evil.

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