Monday, December 19, 2016

Trust in Politics

I want to address two issues here right now. Keith Olbermann and trust.

Keith and his show on Youtube, The Resistance with Keith Olbermann, are awesome. He gives me a catharsis, satiates my need for reality and over reaction at times. But he is a resource. I use him for information that I can look into. When I validate his reasonable reactions to something, then I go on with it. If I find him a bit over the top, or just too far out there, I don't pursue that. But I share his videos for others to see and listen to. It's up to them to do their own vetting of information. If I have time I point out what I can, either that isn't punched up enough by Keith, or when he stretches a point to the end of its elasticity.

Rachel Maddow and her The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS), whom I also love to watch and cannot any longer as I don't get MSNBC on my cable package, is a more restrained version of Keith. She makes it very obvious when she is stretching a partisan point. I'm so used to her I feel like a light goes off in my head when she does that. She doesn't exactly wink and nod at the camera when she is going over the top, but almost.

The other thing I like about Rachel is that she gives you historical context in things, so you can make up your own mind. She doesn't just feed you pablum like conservative media does, who just expects you to believe them and not verify what they say. Liberals verify them, which is why they are always discounting them in public. If only conservatives would do that properly (not in a liberal fashion, but a rational one), we'd all have so much less of this polarization effect.

Conservatives, from what I've seen from them, don't get that. They seem to swallow the load hook, line and sinker from conservative pundits and punks. I say that about them because in lying to the public, in warping the truth like that, they become an evil entity. And by association, so do conservatives who willingly or unwillingly allow themselves to be a part of that.

Trust. I hear a lot about trust, mostly from conservatives. "I don't trust Obama." "I don't trust the US Government." "I don't trust Democrats." Even when there is no reason not to. It's kind of childish.

And a false equivalency. To say liberals simply don't trust conservatives isn't the same. It's not the same because regardless of conservative diatribe, liberals do not lie as much. It's a proven fact. But liberal media, by objective media, by international media. Not so much by conservative media.

I don't so much look at things in relation to "trust". It's a simplified form of political thinking. It's again, childish. It's a conservative thing.

Conservatives don't "trust" because they are ignorant. Liberals don't trust mostly because conservative contentions are so often incorrect or out right lies.

You listen, to everything. That's harder for liberals because of literally so much nonsense from conservatives who consistently discount proven facts, accepted lines of thought. It's embarrassing. If not by them, from all others.

You listen, you verify, then you act.

Conservatives seem to not listen very often, if it doesn't get through their conservative filters, they don't tend to verify unless it's only through their own media, and then they act, but on so frequently what is false information.

And it is damaging to themselves, America, and frankly, Mother Earth.

It is also warping reality for others, and therefore, it is evil. If you are spreading that false information as fact, then you too are evil.

Don't be, evil. We have enough like that already.

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