Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bernie, Hillary, and the Republican Party - in brief

It's an election year here in America. So I'm going to have a special bulletin like they do on TV. Here, you can even have an interesting and relevant video from Robert Reich on it. So this is an extra Saturday blog this week. And here we go.... There was some talk on cable last night about how Obama has done quite well manipulating within the Washington system. Even against the opposition. Hillary in her view of healthcare coverage is and will too, working her best possible effort on it, as she knows it and from within the system. Within the government AND the political system. That pisses republicans off, but it keeps them sane. Bernie knows how to play both government and political roles too. But in the healthcare situation and others, he's looking at the government and not the political roles in a solution. We have always (certainly in the last 20-30 years) had to work within the system to work the government. While actual government work gets diluted or at times, forgotten. Bernie is so desirable because he's not playing the old crony game. He's playing the old government game. Forget about the office manipulators keeping you from real work, just push the product, complete the tasks, get the job done. That's what I see going on between liking Hilary and Bernie...and between them and our government. I think a lot of what Hillary will do looks different to Bernie people than it is and I think a lot of what she does looks to republicans different even more than that from what it is. But they understand her, know how she will work and she knows how to play them. But Bernie has got to be scaring them. In a way Trump is too, but he's on their team (sort of, well, maybe, or, maybe not). Although Bernie will play the game too, as we've also seen with Obama lately, possibly in more ways we have yet to see by either of them, republicans may find they're not all playing the same game. And it will really piss them off. As it already has. Hey, who likes feeling powerless?). They are so out of step with reality though that this is going to happen to them with Hillary, too. In the end, it's all going to be about how Hillary and Bernie go about it all. How weil each method will work...and for whom.

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