Monday, January 18, 2016

Anti-Fear Mongering 101 (or 516) Chuck Lorre Style

I said last week I'd try to make my next blog lighter. After watching the Big Bang Theory the other night, Chuck Lorre's vanity card, always at the end, just felt like it needed to be shared with people. 

First of all wishing you all a more hopeful, free and compassionate
Dr. Martin Luther King Day!

So here it is, my lighter blog, at the expense of plagiarizing Chuck's brilliant and astute mind:


President Roosevelt famously said, "...the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." Now, let's take a moment and ask ourselves, which presidential candidates and cable news networks are actively promoting fear? Which one of these people and corporate entities are determined to scare your pants off, in the hope that you'll either vote for them or stay tuned? Or let's approach this from a different angle. After millions of years of evolution, or six days of divine creation, it doesn't really matter which, our brains are wired to seek out danger and respond accordingly. Fight or flight or, if it's not trying to eat you, negotiate. 

It makes sense then, that presenting a threat to our survival is a time-tested way to get the brain's attention. And let's be clear about one thing; attention is the most valuable commodity in the world. Once you have someone's attention you can sell them something, or, if you're the kind of person who is frightened of self-determined people, control them - while reassuring them that your only concern is their right to be self-determined. (This is not to say that there aren't people who have ample reason to be afraid. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say you're probably not one of them.) 

So the real question to ask yourself is not who or what should you be afraid of, it's how are you doing right now. Go ahead. Ask yourself. Are you in jeopardy right now? Of course not. You're squinting at this vanity card and perhaps wondering if there's a clever joke at the end of it. (Spoiler alert: there is not.) 

This means that whatever you're afraid of, or being encouraged to be afraid of, is in your mind. It is not in your living room, or just outside your door. You're thinking it. Which is good news. That's the one thing you have control over. At any moment, you can take a break from thinking scary thoughts, or, if you're like me and have a mind run amuck, you can choose to ignore them. Even better news, once you're free of self-imposed fear, you're much less likely to seek out an old, white guy to protect you. (Well, maybe there is.)

Thank you Chuck. Love that guy!

I heard something interesting. That Obama did very well inside the establishment, as screwed up as it is. Let's face it, he could have done so much more if they hadn't just decided to block him at every tern whether he had good ideas or intentions or not, regardless.

What we have now in Hillary and Bernie is another candidate who wants to work inside the establishment to evoke change and one who doesn't. One who thinks we fundamentally need to make some changes. Rather than working from inside of a broken system, attempt finally to fix it.

Some people see Hillary as bad when it's just that she wants to work within the system, which she knows oh so well. While Bernie thinks we need not to be doing that anymore, that it's time to try something different.

Obviously it is. The discrepancy is in the belief of how possible that may turn out to be.

Some people think he can't win because of that and Hillary will because of it. The other side is terrified of him because he means change in the status quo and as we all know, conservatives are essentially allergic to that. Some so much so to the point that they will pick up guns, mostly out of fear. Because they are afraid. Fearful. Shaking in their boots. I wonder sometimes where American courage disappeared to in some groups.

They would rather continue being abused by the current system, than take any chance whatsoever to fix it, all because it means any degree in change in the status quo. You know I don't so much think they are bad people, or even that they want to keep the current status quo.


They are terrified of the prospect of any change whatsoever in the status quo, that IS.

I can have compassion for people like that. And I can vote against them. Because they are wrong and need to have some grit and perspective. Some good old American, grit.

For anyone else in this situation in any other country, you too need the same for yourself I bet. Some good old Russian grit. Or French grit. Or Iranian. Or even... North Korean grit.

Just hang in there. Because wherever you are now, times they are definitely a changing. And for the better, too.

If... we all just keep at it.

The follow meme is from a friend of mine, a poet. And, it is so true. And we do see it on both sides of the political coin. 

I have to say though, it's a thorough description of many conservatives I know and most who I hear in the media. It is not however representative of most liberals and certainly not any of the ones I know personally or would even wish to associate with. It's important to hear the comments from the other side but when they comments vear sharpy into the silly, the inane or the insane, just how long are we supposed to bear their philosophical detritus?

So I'll leave you with my friend Kelley White's thoughts (click on image for expansion or it on her Facebook page). Her thoughts on, as she titled it, Cognitive Distortions in Political Discourse:



  1. Lorre, typical dolt. Like the old white woman doesn't use irrational fear to sell her bill of goods. And the other old white guy, the socialist, uses Envy to stoke demand for his nutbaggery. Now ask yourself what other cable news outlets are even remotely reliable. The Plane News Network? Or the propaganda mill that actually put Sharpton on the air? Ya know, because that's not fear mongering, right??

  2. Interesting and familiar perspective, regardless of the protection of anonymity. Lorre is a very funny, creative and successful guy. The "old white woman" is very successful too, adept, talented, knowledgeable and effective. The "old white guy" is the only true champion of Americans we have who is not holding back. There is no socialist running.

    Anyone thinking envy is what he is selling, has an odd sensibility. It is not envy to want what has been taken form you and only someone ignorant of what has been done by complex and vastly wealthy and powerful forces (big money) would think that wanting to have what we have worked for is envy. You have to pick and choose your voices on any news network. It's well established Fox News is he worst network out there. Well established and evaluated by those who should in America as well as other countries.

    The best is probably currently Al Jazeera. You have to listen to the deep story, not just what the news tells you. You have to listen to the news from others and work out what the truth most likely is. If you depend on easy news from anywhere, which is most people's format because we work too much for too little and are told we don't work hard enough for little enough...and believe it. The level of fear mongering on the left can in no way match up to that on the right which borders on and oversteps the delusional. There is not resolving this with someone who sees things so unclearly as to think things are quite as bad as you indicate, with those you refer to.

    What is good is that the Founding Fathers believed and seem to be right that over time the heart of the nation will win and we will always come back to who we are and should be. We're finally getting back there after decades of being misled. But the upcoming change in the status quo is scaring conservatives and even the other side. But it's okay. Relax. Things are going to be all right. Lie back and let the progressives do what they do. Fix things, and push the crazy into the background. Which is good. Because no one else will do it.

    The how isn't as important as the why. We have done many things that aren't possible. It takes desire, focus and reorienting our priorities. Republicans have been doing it for years, and putting us in debt. I'm pretty sure if they don't do it, we can do it and we can work it out financially. How many people have become president and didn't have a clue really, till they got into office.

    Pretty much each one. The issue is we have a head of state that has the right over all and specific orientation to push things in the right direction and shake things up because they aren't working very well as is. The reason they aren't working is because of other issues. We need someone who sees that, shakes the hell out of congress and moves things around so that something happens for a change.

    Obama has set up the foundation for the next stage. Is Hillary the next stage? Yes. Is Bernie? Yes. Hillary is a step forward on a path Obama built (thanks sir). However and here is the issue, Bernie is two steps forward.
    The QUESTION is, is Hilliary not a step forward enough as can plausibly happen (with the right person)? Or is Bernie's two steps forward one step too far at this point?
    Vote your heart. Vote for positive change.
    Because from what I can see, change is with either of them. Or we can regress with republicans, to the point that we have more war, more loss to the middle class, more... less. Except for a few. A few who oddly enough, don't need it.