Monday, April 28, 2014

Writing Resources and my new Phone App

Okay, enough of my ruminating and complaining about political stuff. Now, back to entertainment, fiction writing, marketing, and my new phone app - The Murdock Society phone app.

First off, writing resources.

I get a lot of emails everyday, mostly writing oriented things that I've subscribed too, various informational sites, some political, some humor, many merely updates on my web sites, blog, Linkedin, Facebook pages, or yes, even MySpace.

What the heck, while we're on the topic and just in case it's useful to anyone though mostly writers I'm sure, here's a list of many of the sites I get regular updates from or on. Most of these are daily, but some are weekly. I won't list all the sites or those specific to me as user, just the ones related to me as writer.

I'll skip user oriented and purchaser things like Amazon Kindle,,, and marketing stuff like AdSense, etc., as there's a lot of all that. Going down my Outlook email list here's what I found.

There may be one or two I'm not frequenting much but I thought I'd mention them anyway in case someone might find them useful. I also have a Writer's Resource page here on with my personal writer's list just for me to keep in mind and find easily when I want them. I thought others might find them useful so they are available (and yes I should probably clean that up some).

In the references below, I'll offer links related to myself as much as possible (hey, why not?), but you can just go to the site and click on their home page if you're more interested in that site for yourself.

Here we go:
While going through my daily email routine, some emails I quickly scan through, some I mostly ignore and mark read and move on. But one caught my attention the other day.

It was from a company called, Conduit.

So now, about the phone app.

Conduit makes it easy for you to create your own cell phone app. When I noticed it, at first, moved on; but I kept coming back to it over the rest of the day. Finally, I just went to the site and one thing led to another and, I created my own phone app. I'd heard that authors were doing this, so it seemed reasonable to check it out.

And, it's kind of cool. Here it is, Murdock Society phone app.

It wasn't that hard to do, either. A little intimidating at first, like so much of this stuff is, but you just have to push through that. And so I did. Once I was done, it took a couple of days but it was reviewed, accepted and pushed out to Amazon for iPhone and Android (I have a Droid MAXX so that was good for me).

To initially do this was free but there are various forms of payment that walk you up the ladder to more and more accessibility to the public. For now, I'm just biding my time getting used to it. Then I may choose to pay and see how it works out.

Since we are now nearly finished with the re-edit of my book, Death of Heaven (video trailer), I thought this would be a good time to set something like this app up. For now, it's just seems kind of cool to have. Later, it just may turn out to be a useful, if not profitable app. Time obviously, will tell.

Thanks for you time, I hope you found something useful.

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