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Of all my Horror characters, which could I dress as for my Halloween Party?

So. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a fun and safe day and night. Because we all know that the most fun starts after dark today, right?
Dali and friends
Gee too bad I'm not rich, I could throw a party where people have to dress up as characters from my Horror books and stories. Though I'd have to suggest this enough ahead of time that people would read some of these writings, however. And have time to put something together.

But that got me to thinking. Who COULD anyone dress up as from my published works?

So I looked through them to see what I could find. Here is a list of my books and short stories. Some of those are broken out of my books when they can be stand alone tales. I listed a few others in the books, too and pointed out the figures in the stories who could most easily lend themselves to imitation. Some of these are available as audiobooks (AB) as well. I've also tried to rate them for content as best I could. Odd that though because I'm more used to rating films. It seems harder to me to rate a story. So, check it out. Here's what I came up with.

Quantum History - (Sci Fi PG-PG13) A guy suddenly discovers he has changed into a notorious figure from History. This would be an easy one. Or there's the other guy from the MIT Lab who could be fun.

In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear (PG-13) - About a guy who changes himself into a "computer chip", of sorts. Good luck with that one. But you could do this one fairly easily. More "social horror" than my typical horror. The only thing really scary in it is concepts and how people can change.

Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer to a Question He Knever Knew (PG-13 to R for implied sexuality) - This isn't too hard because it's another historical figure, so dress as a Medieval Lord.

Simon's Beautiful Thought (PG-13) -  Too close to home, a guy in his 20s in our post modern world.

Sarah (PG-13) - An old woman with senility issues. And some land problems.

Gumdrop City (R)- Kind of like Aqualung from Jethro Tull's seminal work of the 70s. Unless you think it's the biker from, "Too Old To Rock-n-Roll, Too Young to Die". But it's not, he's a child serial murderer and this is based on a true crime. I didn't make this up, just made it readable. Okay, the ending is mine as in reality it was a happier ending. This is, let's say, half happy of an ending.

Japheth, Ishvi and The Light (PG-13 or R depending on your background) (AB) - Hmm in this one we have a religious commune, soldiers, zombies and, well, God as a famous figure in current cinema with an odd sense of humor.

The Conqueror Worm (PG-13)  (AB)- So we have here two 12 year old boys and a monster. Yes, you could definitely do this one. It also opens my book, Death of Heaven (see below).

Expedition of the Arcturus (PG) - A normal science fiction tale about normal people on Earth's first normal multi-generational trip to another kind of normal planet. First published on (this version is free but not useful as an ebook as the other version is).

The Mea Culpa Document of London (PG-13)  (AB)-  Tale about a Medieval Witch Hunter and Judge of the Inquisition. Dark robes and a hat, right? Or, a torture victim, maybe. But this guy has some serious issues to consider. This is blown out in my other story, Vaughan's Theorem.

Andrew (R) - Definitely a twisted story about a five year old boy interspersed with his future self as a solider at war and the epic, and I mean, epic, ending. Or is it the beginning? You'd have to read "Death of Heaven" to find that one out.

EarVu (PG-13) - This one has possibilities. Scientists and scientists under shall we say, duress. And an interesting interpretation of what they have to deal with.

Mr. Pakool's Spice (PG-13 maybe R) - A dad and his two young kids crossing through the backwoods of a wintry Oregon while evading the zombie apocalypse. Plenty of possibilities there.

Anthology of Evil
The Fall (PG-13 to R) - Pretty much normal people in the city, well not all normal, but not much there costume-wise.

Death of Heaven (R) - Epic book of Horror.
Harbinger (R) - An Angle of Death. No, seriously. Oh yeah, I could see this costume.

A Thirst Divine (R) - Another Angel but this one, very female and very attractive.

Sweet Jane (R)- Well, perhaps a costume of an individual of, self abuse? Sure, sure this one is a gruesome possibility.

Vaughan's Theorem (R) - About a serial killer. One could dress up as him, shirtless, or doctor's white lab coat, or as a variety of very damaged people, or, well, it goes on. So definitely possibilities in this one.

And that's my round up. I guess maybe I'd go as...

Nawww, I'm not gonna make it that easy for you.

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Happy Halloween....

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