Monday, October 7, 2013

Knowledge is....

What is, knowledge?

It is not just a set of facts. It is not just a wisdom set. Not just a lexicon, data set or knowledge-base. It is for all intents and purposes, a quandary. A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation. And life is a difficult situation. We need to have accurate information in order to live properly and function appropriately in life. We need, knowledge. And knowledge is not just information, not just experience, and not just wisdom, the blending of the two.

It is also a process. It is how we get there and how we reroute when we get off track. It is also who we are. We need not only to be right and succeed, we need to make mistakes, to disagree, to debate. But it is also important for us to allow others to view this process and when possibly while it is in process.

My ex-wife thought that we should never show ignorance to our children and I heartily disagreed. To always look perfect is to teach imperfection. To show imperfection and how to deal with it is to teach how to strive into perfection while not concerning oneself with not being perfect. Or the fear of not being perfect.

Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism has at its core, debate, for a reason. Without debate at the core of our knowledge-base we can find ourselves stuck in that horror of horrors that religion finds itself in time and again. That of being static to the point of not seeing reality for our beliefs.

So go forward and make mistakes. Disagree. Not just for the sake of being contrary, but for the sake of seeking the Truth in its various shades. Be proud of your ignorance for it is a noble condition that everyone everywhere has been in and will always remain in.

We all start there but hopefully do not end up there. Although one might realize as one learns that the more one learns the less one knows. So in the end if you have worked hard, listened, debated, analyzed, experienced, you may end up more ignorant than you started. But you will still not be ignorant in the same way as when you started.

It is in holding Truth as our destination and our path, that we most become alive in this world, in this Universe. But do not let Truth be your only goal or the pursuit of Truth make you rigid. It is for that reason that the Buddhist Koan exists: "If you meet the Buddha, kill him.”– Linji

Please feel free to enjoy the quandary. Cheers!

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