Monday, June 17, 2013

Are we still headed for a world wide economic crash in the next few years?

What I'm hearing from around the world isn't looking good for the economy. The world economy. I seldom make conspiracy or doom comments as most of them that I run across are based on nonsense, ignorance, misunderstanding, just fear or maybe even cowardice (there's a lot of those latter two in many of the conspiracy and racists groups). But I am actually now, even considering these past ten years, feeling a bit nervous about our near future living situation. And I lived through the cold war, was fairly intimately involved with it, but this is making me more nervous than that ever did.

I wouldn't get too secure in your situation, not quite yet. It may take a year or three to happen, but I suspect until we get past 5-10 years we really won't know if this is really all over yet. Now, don't get scared, just get smart. Look around, look into things. Preparation eliminates panic and fear and sets you up for a bigger possibility of success and sustainment. It used to be when economic fears like this cropped up you should put your money into things like gold, but not even that is secure anymore. At this point I'm not quite sure what is.

China who we owe a lot of money to and who for a while people feared might pull the trigger on the US and crash us (but then realized that it really wasn't in China's best interest to do so), has been setting itself up for a huge crash in the building industry. They have been using that to boost their stats. They actually built entire cities, eleven of them which have now nearly no one living in them and there never were. Bad builders ripped off many people for money, the poor were displaced from their homes, and for no good reason. It's really kind of horrendous. They've built a mock Paris, which is just basically sitting there. Bizarre vistas of empty cityscapes.

Things are still brewing in Greece and in Egypt and if things continue to go the way they are, if the leadership keeps doing nothing, going the wrong directions, it could pull Europe down. And if Europe goes down, their economy is bigger than ours. If China and Europe both go down, there will be some very hard times for a very long time, for a lot of people.

Countries have a lot of power to resolve really bad issues. But the reasons for wars in the past have been economic, debts couldn't be paid so it's easier to just attack for resources, to end debt (which was what Saddam Hussein did to Kuwait whom they owed mass amounts of money to). But I'm not talking about war here, though it is a scary and very possible afterthought. But I'm not afraid of a possible war, I just know it's a possible and obvious eventuality of this situation. What really scares me is the economy, world wide, dissolving.

America (and other countries) have been wiping out the middle class. If things really go south (why do we always disparage the south anyway?), we could also wipe out the lower and upper classes with it. Which sounds good in a way, but somehow, I don't think it would be.

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