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The New Philosopher Vampires

There are a set of philosophies going around that are sucking up the energies and thought processes of many individuals who are young either in mind, body, or both. These philosophies, these ways of thinking, paradigms for considering the Universe, Life rules, whatever you want to call them, for they are many and varied, are mind puzzles and a way of thinking that are initially intriguing, but ultimately resource sucking.

And in the end, a nearly complete waste of time.

They are handy however for a variety of things. Getting laid comes to mind. Philosophy majors love preying on young coeds with this kind of thing, amazing them with their minds and their regurgancies of their Professors and famous philosophers throughout History.

Mostly though, they are rehashing already thought up soliloquies and aren't really adding much info themselves. It all just sounds good on utterance.

These are the kinds of philosophies that you are immensely blown away by in your Freshman year of college; when you smoke your first joint, when you start staring at your thumbnail, amazed at the possibilities that there is a universe somewhere down in there. Or obversely and macrotically speaking, in looking up above you at the night sky, dissembling on how similar the universe, the solar systems and planets seem to appear compared to molecules and atomic structures down in the microtic levels.

If you try to tell one of the adherents to these amazing (and typically) men, you will hear things like how you are being "closed minded" and how all "great" men are decried among their own (be it their village, or their major areas of study, such as in philosophy, religion and so on).

I would say to all young minds being educated and feeling the flex of their newly found mental powers, that the surge of energy at the inbound waves of these new thoughts and ways of thinking, to indeed explore, to search among these new ideas. But be careful, for as you call others "closed minded" or "small minded", those who are older and educationally  more mature than you are, that you to may be acting in just the same way that you had perceived them to be acting.

Those young minds (and this can be a fifty year old who is just starting higher educational pursuits) can glue yourself to a concept, having only just heard of it, thinking that, assuming that, it is a grand and unbelievably wonderful idea, far above the standard beliefs of those around you, both lofty and noble in its pretensions  And therefore those (again, typically) men, who are professing those lofty ideas, that they too may be beyond reproach, especially if they have been outcast by their peers. And when someone is outcast by their peers, look really closely at why, because their peers may be onto something.

Refer to Cult Education Forum - Destini

After you have been educated and have received a diploma or two, you get a kind of "second sense" about so called "new" concepts or philosophies.

You get the feel for what is coming down, once you begin to hear this "new" way of thinking on some topic or other. Yes, you should try to take the time to pay attention. After all, if a truly new way of thinking does show up, you want to be on that boat. Or at least, to see it properly considered, "vetting" it as it may be needed. However if it is, as it typically will be found to be, just another pseudo new way of thinking, then you are really just wasting your time; and time is after all, valuable. Yet although we do need to use our time to check these things in the possibility that it may be useful, we also do need to minimize that time in the possibility that it is in no way useful. Which typically is the case. A frustrating, but necessary consideration.

And so these "new" philosophies and their adherents are a constant drain on our lives. They are the "energy vampires" of the "new" philosophies, draining the life's blood in the way of young minds being diverted for the benefit, typically, of a single individual, of their "camp",  their or"religion", or their cult or school of thought.

These people are therefore dangerous, either in their wasting people's time and valuable studies, or in the worst cases, in leading these malleable people to losing so much more, possibly even their lives, as happens in the way of degenerative closed cults.

There are so many different ways of thinking because people are diverse and the human mind is amazingly rich in processing power. So we all have to make up our minds on what to spend out time on. It is an interesting study in Human nature.

To take a case in point, Bernard Poolman. In examining some of his quotes on a page dedicated to that, many of them are merely obvious observations of reality and the Human experience. Some others however, are not.

Here are some of his quotes from

"Psychology is NOT a Science, but a Matter of Opinion that aligns Characters to Illusions and Never Cares about Actual Life."

True, Psychology is not a science, you do not get a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, but a Bachelor of Arts and Letters. Of course it is a matter of opinion, otherwise, it would be a science. Psychology cares only about reality and actual life, and on that, Poolman too is merely projecting an opinion. Of course one could argue that Psychology deals indirectly with reality and not actuality, but it's goal is actuality and some areas of
psychology are directly involved in just that; which makes Poolman's statement sound like someone who is not that educated about Psychology and is talking from outside of the discipline. Something that happens frequently in modern culture and media. And doing that is always asking for being incorrect. Psychologists can more easily speak to Philosophy since Psychology after all, comes out of Philosophy; but Philosophers cannot as easily speak back to Psychology.

"Mastery of the Mind as Enlightenment is the Denial of Reality as Dust, Water and Air." - Poolman

Obscure and typical of this kind of thing as the second part of the sentence completely misses the point of the first part.

"The Atmosphere is the Bubble of Consciousness as the most Fear that Motivates the Illusion." - Poolman

This doesn't mean anything. Again, obscure and can mean whatever they want to claim it means. Any new useful way of thinking will not be this confusing. Basically, this makes no sense whatsoever. And it won't, unless they explain it, giving them the ability to adapt it to whomever they are talking to at the time. It is a trick that charlatans use to attract and keep seekers of knowledge new to that pursuit.

"The Enlightenment Industry is just Consumerism." - Poolman

This is just ridiculous. By this thought, everything is just consumerism. Enlightenment has nothing to do, as well as everything to do, with consumerism.

"All words Used by a Character are always Programmed in Self-Interest." - Poolman

Again, this is true, but it's merely an observation. All it's saying is, words have baggage according to who's speaking. So why didn't he just say that? Because he is trying to sound obscure, highly intelligent, mystic. A true revolutionary philosopher would be clear and precise.

"Animals are driven to extinction as they DO NOT feature in the Consciousness of Humans as Equals as Life-Forms." - Poolman

This literally has no meaning whatsoever. Animals existed before Humans. Animals went extinct before Humans existed. To say that is the point, as those animals did not feature in the consciousness of Humans as equals as life-forms and therefore went extinct, is ridiculous. Animals now go extinct who do feature. It makes no difference and goes against his previous statement of "Psychology is NOT a Science, but a Matter of Opinion that aligns Characters to Illusions and Never Cares about Actual Life." Which implies what he believes is different, yet, it is not.

Obviously logic isn't highly necessary in his form of thought.

At this point, I'm already bored with this theory of thought.

That is the point. Once you have an education in this type of thing, you get a feeling pretty quickly when you are hearing something earth shattering or just another charlatan, as in this case. You get a feel for when you are being fooled, your time being wasted. What is interesting in this group, the Destini group, is that they don't appear to be wanting anything, which is nihilistic in a way. But at the same time, mostly harmless.

But they are not harmless, as I had explained earlier. Even if they ask nothing but your time, that is the harm. For more of that, refer to Christopher Hitchen's book, "God Is Not Great". His argument was that (differing from what I'd always believed in thinking, "live and let live"), that to not stand against religion, we are setting ourselves up for problems and allowing bad decisions to continue to be made, over and over again, in the belief of our invisible friend in the sky.

The point on all of this is that these kinds of thought forms are masturbatory in nature. It is not that different from swearing at someone who has angered you, with the added benefit of your being able to feel superior in that others do not understand what you are talking about. Which again, I would argue is fully against what we need from people. If you can't make yourself clear, what the hell are you wasting all your time on this for?

There are so many different forms of philosophy and religion that there is just about something for everybody. That is a good thing and a bad thing. What is important is to not waste your time, or to waste as little time as possible on things that keep you from being productive in life, however you define that. Unless you define it as sitting on a rock, spewing things that no one understands and that makes little sense to them, or others, or leads them into non-productivity in their lives.

Whereas in that case hen, you're good to go.

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