Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Expedition of the Arcturus - SF World Premiere on PerihelionSF.com

Today will see the world premiere of my short Science Fiction story, "Expedition of the Arcturus" (free) on the great new little Internet magazine, PerihelionSF.com.

I wrote this story just shortly prior to the meteorite and asteroid events of early 2013. When the meteorite struck Russia, I had already submitted my story to the editor, Sam Bellotto. PerihelionSF.com already has published a two part review I wrote on the fascinating documentary, "Chasing Ice" from when I attended its Seattle premiere. It was an amazing night and I invite you to read the review if you already haven't. The review has slipped off the magazine site as there is a more current issue online now. However, I'm looking forward to it being made available again soon as there are plans to bring archives of these writings back to the public:

"Some older stories are already archived by their respective authors. There are plans to also have a "Perihelion" archive of selected stories and articles. Stay tuned." - The Editors March 1, 2013

In "Expedition of the Arcturus", I had wanted to tell the story of a group of individuals who leave Earth on a mission with the highest of concepts, to assure the reach of Human Beings out into the Universe. While having made the decision for their as yet unborn descendants, who will become the first true Earth Citizens of Space, how will they handle their situation? What choice would they have? Will they ever make it to their final destination?

I also liked exploring the juxtaposition of truth and compassion, against that of political expediency and ethical genetic concerns. I played with the chronology of the story in a way that seemed to be the most effective method to bring the central theme of the story  to the forefront and with the greatest impact.

I hope you like it.

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