Friday, December 28, 2012

Yet Another After Christmas eBook Giveaway!

Ready for another holiday present?

I'm giving away another ebook today and tomorrow called, "Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer to a Question He Knever Knew".

It's a very odd story of a Medieval Lord who has lost his way. His life is a shambles but he has one last chance to fix things in delivering his family's "crucible" sword to their enemy and thereby sealing a peace and saving his family. But he has a few problems that get in the way, like time seems to be blending together and then there is that pesky wizard he should probably have treated better.

This story was chosen by actor Rutger Hauer in a short story contest back in 2004 and is also included in my book, "Anthology of Evil", which I will be giving out free on New Year's Day.

Happy Holidays!

Tomrrorw? Yes, another freebie!

Also, Death of Heaven will continue to be free through New Years Day!

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