Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GOP - The Grievous Old People Party

Let me ask you something. Who are we most becoming like, moving toward? Or if you don't like that one, who is becoming much more like us, moving that direction, anyway?

Outside of ourselves, who do we owe the most money to?

Who do the fear-mongering politicians and pundits say we most want not to be like? Or that we should fear? No, not Russia.

Who was the most repressive, conservative presidential candidate in the 2012 election going to stick it to if he had been elected president?

In all these questions the answer may very well be, China.

Are we becoming like China? Is China becoming like us?

It seems that way.

Do we want Big Brother telling us what to do? Do we really want to limit our options, let a political party keep us from having the freedom to choose, in a so called free nation state? Do we want our government telling our women how to act? Do we need one gender making medical and societal decisions for the other gender?

Where do they get off thinking that is okay? Even after getting pounded in the election, they still think they should not pay any attention to women or minorities. Is that smart?

In the 1950s when McCarthyism was running rampant, the fear was about the Soviets and those were who we became most like. Fear, repression, rooting out your neighbor who just might be a commie, turning people in, blacklisting very talented people regardless of their true predilections. If someone is not outright calling for active destruction of the government, what is the problem with free speech?

I'll tell you, lately free speech is letting loose some mad dogs who want to return to a policy of control of the citizenry. The GOP is a party who says they want smaller government yet they are trying to control more of the citizenry, just with more government. They seem to want their cake and eat it too. Wouldn't you say? Smaller government, government out of our businesses, out of our bank's business, but not out of our citizens personal lives, it would seem.

Do we really need a government like that?

It would also seem the GOP wants to control our country by using "God". Their God certainly, the Christian God, of course. "Let God decide", they seem to be saying, what businesses need to be controlled. And in using God's demands... in the Bible, that religious tome of a single overarching religious community, let people be ruled by how they (the "righteous"?) interpret "God's Word".

Do we really want a political party setting the laws of the land according to one religious community's dogma? Do we really want to turn America into China? Only a religious China? Consider how the God Communism has ruled China for so long. They are a "Godless Nation" it's been said; but are they? Are they really? It's been said that America worships the God Money. Maybe. But we really need to not be worshiping anyone and certainly not, money.

The one conundrum here is that China has a law requiring one child per family so that they nearly require abortions, where the GOP is doing just the opposite as they seem to fear abortion and require children.

Abortion isn't a great thing certainly, but when it can cost a woman her life in suicide and fatal attempts to perform one on her on, that is when medical procedures need to be available. Which, wasn't that the original reason for Roe vs. Wade in the first place? To save women's lives who were getting back alley abortions, then bleeding out, or getting fatal infections.

The GOP wants to return to those days and with their restrictions already it is happening now. Women are taking drugs to abort pregnancies and they are hemorrhaging and dying. And that, is on the heads of the GOP and the ProLifers who are really being so pro fetus that they have become, and they refuse to think about it or to really consider the actualy consequences of their demands, AntiWoman.

The Grand Old Party has turned itself into the Sad Old Party. It's a terrible thing to ruin a fine tradition in the name of perceived righteousness. Especially when you're wrong. Religious bigotry and repression are the worst of all traditions. Just cast a glance a short distance back through time to the middle ages where religions slaughtered people for the most mundane of human conditions, all because of the demands made by a supposed (perhaps non existent?) entity described as written down in an ancient book, updated over centuries by the various and prejudiced hands of... men.

If you are a Republican, fight to bring your party back to the light. It's your party. Is this who you are?

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