Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anthology of Evil free ebook through Friday April 6, 2012

"Anthology of Evil" by JZ Murdock Free through Friday, April 6th, 2012.

I'm also happy to announce that I got a mention on the very cool Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday list of free ebooks!

I am offering my new ebook free through Friday, April 6th. This is a unique opportunity to read a collection of my short Horror and Sci Fi stories. This includes a favorite of actor Rutger Hauer, that he chose in an international writing contest he personally selected, “Poor Lord Ritchie”. Previous blogs of mine give more detail, but what do you have to lose?

Oh, yes I did.... This is the "proof" copy

The final story in the collection, “Andrew” is the prequel for my epic coming out later this month titled, “Death of Heaven”. Check it out.


  1. Any review for this book? It helps if we got one. :)

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    2. Here's another review for "Simon's Beautiful Thought" that is well written by Author Carole McKee, "Simon is a strange man. Simon connects with technology and plastic but not with women made up of flesh and blood. Simon is so afraid of screwing up a relationship that he almost screws it up. This story is so well written that you just have to read it. It's a cute spin on dating and finding the right one."

    3. Oops Anthology of Evil doesn't include "Simon's Beautiful Thought" Sorry I read "Anthology of Evil" , "Death of Heaven " and "Simon's Beautiful Thought" all in a short time I got confused about which were in "Anthology of Evil".Could have swore it was !
      "Andrew" is though ;-)
      Here's what stories are in "Anthology of Evil"

      "In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear"

      "Gumdrop City"

      "Quantum History"

      "The London Mea Culpa Document"

      "The Mea Culpa Document"

      "Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer (To A Question He Knever Knew")"


      "The Fall"

      "Japheth, Ishvi and The Light"


    4. Anthology of Evil runs the gamut from tame to terrifying .

      The terrifying > "Andrew" An epic story about a boy who must search for his true self amidst chaos and confusion . Not knowing really who or where he came from . Bits and pieces of his life unfold into a mystifying past , present and future where his role is bond with all life forms and existence itself .

      Traverses from his introverted beginnings to his super extroverted future .
      We first find Andrew nearly helpless and very confused . As he recalls the past . There is much more to Andrew than your average boy . This boy unravels his past then grows into a complex mysterious figure of a man . Along the way putting together the puzzle pieces of his life . Finding things from his past that he probably would have liked to have permanently forgotten . Horrific scenes unfold definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart .

      AOE is a compilation of various horror , Sci-Fi in which Andrew is the end of . Andrew is also the first part of the currently two part story in which the second part is the epic Death of Heaven , also known as DOH .

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  3. No, I have not received any reviews yet and I'm still trying to acquire some. I may have one someone did. I'm looking for it now.

  4. FYI, "Simon's Beautiful Thought" is freely available for download here: