Friday, December 16, 2011

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer and Our Government Has Known for 36 Years?

This is short, and sweet, or not. Bittersweet, really, I suppose. It just makes me sad. Not for the reasons some might think though. So many have suffered becuase of whomever has been doing this, perpetuating this lie, and it has cost us so much, so much we will never know just how much.

Here are two articles I just heard of that claim the US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures cancer. I've been seeing this claim in the news the past year or two, from new research in other countries, Canada for one. But now we find out it's been known and covered up for decades?

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer and Our Government Has Known for 36 Years

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer And Our 'Government' Has Known for 36 Years

Apparantly, we've been jailing the wrong people. We shouldn't jail those smoking it, we should jail those officials in authority who hide positive health benefits from the citizenry, just because of their personal biases. Criminal. I tell you, that's worse than someone smoking a spliff behind a building or worse, in the privacy of their own home. From what I've seen in recent times, there are more criminals out in the open, in offices, and government offices at that.

Really, what the hell is wrong with speaking without a forked tongue? Why did the Surgeon General get fired for saying there is nothing wrong with masturbation? Or Pot? Why can't our country take the truth? Why don't we just start saying what is true? I'm sorry if this is against your personal belief system but certain things are okay. Sorry they are against your God, your beliefs, your desires in what you want to see around you, but if you don't like it, move to Iran where things are more cut and dry and orderly for you.
Is it really the demon it's made out to be? Uh, no.
Really, just because you can get high on Cannabis, even though it has health benefits, people in authority want to restrict the knowledge of that? Why would we want people in authority who act like that. This, would be criminal in any sense of the word. Not to mention, people who have suffered in jail for no reason. It's ludicrous, and I don't mean the rapper.

From one of the articles:
"That’s right, news about the abilility of pot to shrink tumors first surfaced, way back in 1974. Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia, who had been funded by the National Institutes of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system, found instead that THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice — lung and breast cancer, and a virus-induced leukemia."

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